Top 10 Cary Grant Movies

Cary Grant is one of my favorite actors of all times. Here’s my top 10 Cary Grant Movies.

10. Penny Serenade

Director: George Stevens

Year: 1941

Grant plays Roger Adams

Also starring Irene Dunne

This is an early Cary Grant movie that many don’t know about. It’s a touching story. But be warned. You’ll need plenty of tissues. It’s a real tear jerker.

9. North By Northwest

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Year: 1959

Bogart plays Roger O’Thornhill

Also starring Eva Marie Saint

Not my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie, but still well worth seeing.

8. To Catch a Thief

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Year: 1955

Grant plays John Robie

Also starring Grace Kelly

You can’t go wrong when you put Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, and Cary Grant together.

7. That Touch of Mink

Director: Delbert Mann

Year: 1962

Grant plays Phillip Shayne

Also starring Doris Day

This classic Doris Day movie is even better because Cary Grant is in it.

6. Indiscreet

Director: Stanley Donen

Year: 1958

Grant plays Phillip Adams

Also starring Ingrid Bergman

Sparks fly when a man pretends to be married so his girlfriend won’t expect him to marry her.

5. I Was a Male War Bride

Director: Howard Hawks

Year: 1949

Grant plays Henri Rochard

Also starring Ann Sheridan

The funniest Cary Grant movie ever made.

4. People Will Talk

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Year: 1951

Grant plays Dr. Noah Praetorius

Also starring Jeanne Crain

Grant plays a professor who often does the unexpected especially when he marries a college student who is pregnant by her boyfriend who died in combat. This movie is funny and touching but also shows the hypocrisy in some societal conventions.

3. Notorious

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Year: 1946

Grant plays T.R. Devlin

Also starring Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains

Another Alfred Hitchcock thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

2. Suspicion

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Year: 1941

Grant plays Johnnie

Also starring Joan Fontaine and Nigel Bruce

This is Cary Grant’s first Alfred Hitchcock movie, and it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire movie.

1. An Affair To Remember

Director: Leo McCarey

Year: 1957

Grant plays Nicky Ferrante

Also starring Deborah Kerr

This is the best movie Cary Grant ever made. The way Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr played off each other was brilliant. There were two other versions of this story made with other actors, but they aren’t even in the ballpark with this one. It’s one of my top three romance movies as well.

There are many more Cary Grant movies I love that didn’t make the list. What is your favorite Cary Grant movie.








10 thoughts on “Top 10 Cary Grant Movies

  1. I *love* Cary Grant, esp. the movies he made with Hitchcock, but you missed some of his best performances!

    What about:
    Arsenic & Old Lace
    Operation: Petticoat
    The Philadelphia Story
    Father Goose
    Bringing Up Baby

    I’m going to have to send this link to my sis… we’re both Cary Grant fans!

    • I love the ones you mentioned too. If it were the top 20, they would be on the list. Also Houseboat and The Bishop’s Wife. Which movies would you bump to put them in the top 10?

      • The problem is I haven’t seen about 1/2 – 2/3 of the ones you listed, so I’m not sure. But, Arsenic & Philadelphia are quintessential Cary Grant. Of the ones I *haven’t* seen, I’ve been meaning to see them. (I think I’ve seen ‘Affair’ but can’t remember. And, I thought I’d seen all of the Grant/Hitchcock pairings, but you’ve proven me wrong! I haven’t seen ‘Suspicion’.)

        Story about ‘Notorious’: it’s the first Hitchcock movie I ever saw, probably the first time I’d seen Ingrid Bergman. My parents owned it on laserdisc (remember those things?) and wouldn’t let me watch it for the longest time. It’s been a *long* time since I’ve seen it now… I should pick up a copy. 🙂

  2. Notorious is one of my all-time favorites, Tamara. The love story is incomparable, the suspense fresh each time I watch it, the acting superb. The chemistry between Grant and Bergman is electric. Love it!

  3. i know i’m super late, but fantastic list! I’m with Liberty though, probably would have swapped “Indiscreet” for “The Philidelphia Story”, but I’m just a die-hard Kate Hepburn fan.

    love the lists! keep it up :c)

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