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Christmas Blog Hop

Contests for this Week: November 25th through 30th (all contests for this week end Monday, Dec. 2nd):

Comment on this post or this post for a chance to win Brave New Century.

Comment by answering the questions asked on any Christmas Blog Hop post on this blog or a blog where I’m guest posting to for a chance to win prizes:

3 blog posts – A digital copy of Soldier’s Heart or A Christmas Promise (your choice)

5 posts – A small red Christmas sleigh decoration and a copy of Soldier’s Heart in paperback

10 posts – A digital copy of A Christmas Promise, a paperback copy of Soldier’s Heart, and a DVD of the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, to help you get in the Christmas Spirit

This Week’s Christmas Hop Posts that you can comment on for the contest include:

Lisa Lickel – Being Thankful

Tamera Lynn Kraft – Pilgrim Stats

Kathleen L. Maher – How the South Won this New York Yankee

Tamera Lynn Kraft – Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Tamera Lynn Kraft – My Thanksgiving

Tamera Lynn Kraft – The History of the Pilgrims

Kathy Harris Interview – The Road to Mercy

Tamera Lynn Kraft Interview – A Christmas Promise

Tamera Lynn Kraft – The  Christmas Tree

Naomi Musch – Coming Home (Posts Saturday)

Tamera Lynn Kraft – Leftover Thanks (Posts Saturday)