Please, I Beg You, Use a Top Sheet

The newest craze for millennials is to ditch the top sheet on their bedding. My grandsons have bought into this craze which makes more work for me. They sleep on top of both sheets and have the blanket against their skin. Yuck. I not only need to wash their bedding every time they stay, I also have to wash their blankets. So, I have an invested interest in making sure this fad doesn’t go any further.

We are human waste machines. Every night while we are sleeping, we shed pollen, fungi, bacteria, sweet, dead skin cells, and more. Can anyone say gross? That’s why I prefer to shower in the morning instead of at night. That’s also the reason I was my sheets at least every other week. If you have allergies, it’s even worse. All those particles turn into dust which attracts dust mites, tiny little creatures you can’t see but will play havoc with your allergies.

The top sheet has a wonderful purpose. When I use it, I don’t have to bother washing my blanket when I wash my sheets. To not wash a blankets which has been against my skin and has collected all those gross things is too disgusting to even be considered, but the top sheet protects my blanket from all of those nasty things. If I was my blanket too often, the fabric will suffer and deteriorate over time. If it’s a fuzzy blanket, frequent washings create all those weird hard fuzzies. If it’s the quilt my grandmother made, it won’t last another five years. Besides, blankets are bulky and can’t be washed with sheets, so they require a separate load.

So please, please, please, just use a top sheet. It’s no big deal to throw it in the wash with a bottom sheet, and it’s much easier to fold or use on the bed. If you get hot, scrunch the blanket to the bottom of the bed, or do what I do. Stick you feet out of the covers. But whatever you do, keep that top sheet covering you and your disgusting shedding particles.

So do you use a top sheet?