Featured Christian Fiction – Catch Me If You Can


A Nursery Rhyme Suspense

by Carole Brown

The big cat sat on the oversized rock, ears pointed toward the sky, every muscle taut, every sense at the ready.

“S-s-shut up and f-f-forget it. You’ve s-seen nothing and know nothing. I won’t warn you again. G-g-got it?”

The cat’s head swiveled, his ears twitching as if catching the hint of threat in the whisper. A soft hiss slid from his open mouth and reinforced the overtone of evil pressing in upon the scene. Within hours, lies and dark secrets are slithering all over the campground.

Coaxed into finding the animal killer at Jamieson’s Outfitters, Tara Layne, with her sidekick, Boet, is welcomed by a threatening whisper and the unfriendly eyes of a rugged and devastatingly handsome manager. Wesley Clarke, both interesting and frustrating, holds an attraction for Tara that is both primitive and exasperating. 

Intermingled with her search, Tara deals with her own heartbreaking buried secrets. When a strange old Native American probes into the recesses of her heart, he encourages her to face her bitter feelings. 

As Tara closes in on her search, she finds herself—and Boet—the target of someone who’s determined to outrun and outsmart her. Someone determined not to get caught.

His theme:  

Fun as fast as you can, you can’t catch me.

The question:

Can Tara run fast enough to catch this real live Gingerbread boy 

before he decides to get rid of her and Boet? 

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Characters and Brain Cells

I’m welcoming today my long-time friend, Barbara Derksen. She’s a multi-published author. Readers, do welcome her with your comments and be sure to leave an email addy that you MIGHT JUST WIN a copy of her book: Wicked Disregard. 

The mind fogs. Characters trip over dead branches in one story and hide behind the folds ofIMG_1460-1 a burka in another. Each has their antagonists, BFF’s, and ministry but most importantly, they have the Lord. My eyes dull. My mind races ahead of itself, trying to find out what’s happening to people who’ve become my friends. My characters teeter behind one brain cell after another in flight but also in pursuit.
I’m sure I’ve not adequately explained the mind of a writer, but I’m sure all of you understand that dualism we participate in. We walk around looking perfectly normal, smiling when we should, eating when we ought to, and sweeping the floor when it needs it. People raise their eyebrows when they discover we are writers, looking as if to say, “But you look so normal.”
When describing the premise for a new mystery series, I watched as the listener furrowed his brow and asked, “Where do you come up with this stuff?” Another person comments, “You’re sick.” There are times…but I love getting my characters into a pickle and then finding devious, heretofore not thought of, ways to extricate their endangered body from the mess. I love discovering new devices, pieces of equipment, or anything that will aid their attempts. My body tingles in excited anticipation as readers ask ahead of time, “Do they survive?”
Writing has been an adventure from the beginning…whether I’m writing a devotional, a mystery, or a children’s book. Taking an idea, expanding on it and then watching it become what God intended in the first place, is an adventure that careens around corners fraught with typos, POV issues, and other editing giants. The polish for the story becomes the polish for my soul as I grow spiritually and as a writer, all at the same time.
During these beautiful days of spring, as the weather remains so perfect, it’s hard to remain disciplined…to keep at it. But then, the drama in my head draws me back. I compromise by opening the patio door near my desk. I let the day’s warmth penetrate while my character reaches to trust her Savior again in a new situation that seeks to destroy.


ABOUT her Book:

CD front of book copyPedophiles and prostitutes, the last thing Christine Smith envisioned when she embarked on a career to find missing children. Will she end her work as an investigator and run the company left to her by her dead Father?
Now she’s been shot! How does her growing relationship with God change her outlook on life? Christine and Jeremy follow the clues in this, the third book in the Finders Keepers mystery series. In Wicked Disregard, they unravel a ring of vicious pedophiles while Christine continues to search for the identity of the man who ordered the death of her parents.
Buy her book here:
About Barbara:
Seeking to encourage, inspire, and invite, Barbara Ann Derksen writes about Kingdom living characters who live in a not-so Kingdom world. She has been scrambling letters into enjoyable fiction and non-fiction for over 20 years, and has been a published writer since 2003. Her readers share how the books are hard to put down, keep them up at night reading long after lights out, and spur them on to a closer walk with their Lord.


Her favorite genre is mystery so, to thrill her readers, she composes a new one every year.

  • She has just completed the four book series, The Wilton Strait Mystery Series, now available through her website, on Amazon in Canada, Europe, and the US, and through Amazon’s Kindle store as e-books, as well as Smashwords for e-book readers other than Kindle. Vanished, Presumed DeadFear Not, and Silence are a series that provides hours of entertainment, food for thought, and keep her readers wanting more.
  • The first book in the Finders Keepers Series was released the spring of 2013.
Barbara has also penned a devotional series with six books to her credit so far. While these

devotionals target bikers, the words in them inspire people in all walks of life with a variety of interests.

  • Straight Pipes,
  • Two-Up,
  • Chrome,
  • Chaps,
  • Road Trip, and
  • More Than Bells take readers where God meets with them and encourages them to walk closer to Him, heed His words, and share their faith with others. The books are discipling tools sought after for those who want to make a spiritual difference in someone’s life.
  • Her latest devotional on Prayer released in the spring of 2013.
Children’s stories are a natural by-product of having grandchildren. For Barbara, the fun begins when she envisions an animal character with characteristics very much like one of her grandchildren.
  • Shih-Tzu Puppy Adventures, once in audio book form only, has been turned into an early chapter book for third grade readers.
  • Scruffles Finds a Home, her only Christmas story, was commissioned by a real Santa’s Castle in Iowa and is an enjoyable read during the Holiday season.
  • Trumpeter Swan Adventures, still in audio book form, is educational as well as entertaining.
  • A new children’s story Squirrels Are People, Too was released 2014.
Barbara has two other non-fiction books:
  • Dance With a Broom is a household management guide for busy parents. Purchased widely as a stocking stuffer or a shower gift, it gives young parents some tools and food for thought.
  • Second to None is a collection of real life combat stories submitted to Barbara by members of the Second Infantry Division of the US army. These stories seek to honor the veterans who served to preserve our freedoms.
Barbara is a member of Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church in Steinbach, Manitoba, Authors of Manitoba Writer’s Group, and John 316 Network Marketing writer’s group. She attends a writer’s group in Winnipeg once a month, and speaks about writing to various writers groups around the province. She has attended several Colorado Christian Writers Conferences in Estes Park, Colorado and taken courses from other sources to perfect her craft.
Barbara and her husband, Henry, have been married for 47 years, have four children, and eleven grandchildren. Henry is a singer/songwriter with 8 CDs to his name. His soothing country gospel melodies encourage and entertain … words that come from his heart to God’s ears
Connect with Barbara here:
Twitter: BarbaraADerksen


Readers, be sure to leave a comment and an email addy that you MIGHT JUST WIN a copy of her book: Wicked Disregard. 

Thanks for joining us, Barbara!

Five Reasons YOU Should Read

alphabet free

Did your teacher–or mother or father or someone else–ever tell you that you must read to be success? That reading is the most important subject to learn? That you couldn’t make it without learning to read?

Of course, we’ve had those and many other similar ideas about reading shoved at us, pounded into our brains until they are second nature to us.

Let me share a few thoughts I have about reading today on Tamera and Carole’s Promotion Tuesday:

Quotes I Love that encourage reading:

  • A good book makes you want to live in the story. A great book gives you no choice. –Unknown
  • My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read. –Abraham Lincoln
  • A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one. –George R. R Martin

And my Five Reasons you should read:

read on vacation

5.  Entertainment and relaxation: Are you looking for something to take your mind from the daily grind? Reading is a great stress-buster and according to one test from the Sussex University researchers, can reduce stress by as much as 68 percent. Sounds like a good idea to me!

older man reading free

4.  Can Fight Alzheimer’s:  activities such as chess, puzzles, learning a new language, reading, etc., engages your brain activity and could mean you’d be 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s. Makes sense, and also keeps you busy and in a happier frame of mind.

light bulb free

3.  Makes you more empathetic: When you lose yourself in a book’s pages, you are learning what others are thinking, what their emotions are and why, and increases your social skills and knowledge of humanity.


2.  Increases intelligence and boosts brain power: Diving into a good book opens up a whole new world of learning. Children’s books expose kids to 50 percent more words than prime time TV. For college kids, exposure to new words/vocabulary leads to higher reading scores and general tests of knowledge.

Not only that, but reading gives your brain a good workout. Not only vital for younger ones, but for the elderly too, prolonging the slowing down of a brain’s activity

Holy Bible old free

1.   The Bible: My favorite–reading enables you to read, study and delve deeply into the Word of God, thus encouraging you to a healthier, richer relationship with God. It helps youngsters develop a taste for more knowledge of God. It gives the established ones in the faith strength to fight the enemy and hold fast to what they have learned.

Having said all that, and hopefully encouraged you to read, and read more, let me invite you to check out Tamera’s books and two of mine:

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The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman (3)

Front Cover1 w apple blossom








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  • cartoons reading to kidsREAD to your kids.
  • Take a book and READ on a boat ride, while waiting on the fish to bite, sitting on a coverlet with a picnic basket and waiting for your hubby or man-of-your-dreams to join you.
  • READ when you’re blue or discouraged, when you’re happy and jumping for joy, when you’re scared and lonely.
  • READ to your elderly parents, to your husband/wife, a shut-in or to all the neighborhood kids.
  • Read while on vacation–at the beach, in the woods, touring a museum (guidebook), while traveling in a car, an airplane, a train.
  • READ to your pets, and most of all, READ.

Many wonderful days of reading wished for you!



When in Scotland …

Land of My Dreams

Welcoming Author Norma Gail Thurston Holtman to our Thursdays Guest Author Posts!  Don’t forget to leave a comment and your email address for a chance to win Norma’s book! 

Her book takes you directly to the highland of Scotland. Lovely book, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her post about her adventures in Scotland. Read on . . .
More than just the northern part of Great Britain, Scotland is a unique and unusual place. Everyone knows about kilts, bagpipes, and castles, but little else. When I decided to set my debut novel, Land of My Dreams, in Scotland, there was quite a learning curve. During a two-week vacation, I barely glimpsed the top of the ben (mountain) when it came to understanding the language and culture necessary to portray Scottish life with accuracy. Continue reading

Polar Bear Plunge by Linda S. Glaz

A holiday romance just in time for Christmas!

Polar Bear Plunge

by Linda Glaz


Striving to put meaning back into her life after her husband’s death, Aleni Callan immerses herself in hospital work. Angry with God, she finds herself even angrier, when hero, Brice Taylor, author of The Human Shield, arrives in the Emergency Room with a concussion and hypothermia after participating in the Polar Bear Plunge. Aleni wants nothing to do with a man who willingly takes chances with his life.

Brice doesn’t understood how God could bring him through being a captive in Iraq, when he failed his troops so miserably. Writing about his escape brings fame he would rather avoid. And by meeting widow, Aleni Callan, his feelings of failure only increase.

Megan Callan with the help of her three-year-old grandson, Ty, scheme to bring Aleni and Brice together. And while the best laid plans often go awry, Megan isn’t one to accept no.

Linda S. Glaz Bio:

I’m a wife and mother of three. I balance being a child of God while also being older than God. Hmmm, scary, but almost true. I’ve been blessed to have had an amazing life so far: Air Force meteorologist during Vietnam era, teaching karate and self-defense along with soccer for 25+ years. I sing and direct in church and community theatre musicals where this little old lady sounds more like the guys than the gals. Also scary, but true. I work in a physical therapy clinic three days a week to earn money to keep my writing afloat. My writing life is a 24/7 proposition. When not writing my own stories, I am an agent for Hartline Literary Agency. I wear so many different hats I’m surprised I wasn’t invited to the Royal wedding. Blessings to everyone, may your writing dreams all come true.

Order your copy here.

Featured Novel: The Last Operative by Jerry Jenkins

The Last Operative

by Jerry Jenkins



Jordan Kirkwood wants to go quietly into the sunset. His career as an NSA intelligence officer has taken a significant toll. His two adult children are little more than distant acquaintances. His wife has been patient and supportive, but he knows she has deserved better. That was part of the reason they were going to London. He wanted her to see Europe like a tourist. But that was before he was given intelligence information during the recent mission to Germany. The threat is grave—bigger than 9/11. And the risk is compounded by the fact that someone inside the NSA is involved. The most hidden place in Kirkwood’s past will have to be unmasked in order to meet the challenges of this mission.

My Review:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

I have always loved spy novels. The suspense, the adventure, the danger, and stakes that involve the survival of civilization make them exciting reads. This novel by the Left Behind Series author has all that and more. This operative is a Christian. And that changes the dynamics in a good way. Jordan Kirkwood is not as close to God as he once was. He loves his wife and adult children but knows he has not given them the time they deserve because of his job as a NSA operative. He also knows he’s allowed his job to affect his relationship with God and caused him to become cynical. But everything is about to be challenged in a new way when he discovers a plot by terrorists that will make 9/11 look tame in comparison. And someone in the NSA is involved. While he tries to make amends with his family and sort out mistakes of his past, he must contend with the greatest threat he has ever faced as an NSA operative. But he doesn’t know who he can trust. I highly recommend this novel. I hope there’s a sequel.

Featured Book: Sacred Cipher

Sacred Cipher

by Terry Brennan



Book Description:

A secret room has been discovered in the chapel of the Bowery Mission. And what’s hidden inside could change the world as we know it.

When New Yorker Tom Bohannon uncovers an ancient cipher containing a dead language that has been lost in the sands of time, he doesn’t fully comprehend the danger that’s about to unfold. Though Tom and his team of ragtag scientists and historians want to decode the ancient text, there are others who don’t want the cipher revealed. And they are prepared to kill to keep it hidden.

From a market in 19th century Alexandria to an apartment in present-day New York to the tunnels beneath Jerusalem, the secret of the cipher has spanned the globe — and threatened the lives of everyone in its path. Will Tom be next?




“I wasn’t sure at times if I was reading a novel… or the newspaper. Except that The Sacred Cipher was a far more fascinating read. It’s hard to believe this is Brennan’s debut novel. This book will grab you by the throat and hold on until the very last page. And then leave you thinking long after you put the book aside. If you read one book this year, make it this one.” “Terry Brennan’s debut work is a high-concept barnburner.

— Wanda Dyson, best-selling author; The Shepherd’s Fall, Abduction, Obsession

The action, the intrigue, the mystery… it kept me turning pages faster than I could read what was on them! My only question is: What is he going to come up with next?”

— Mike Dellosso, author of The Hunted and Scream

My Review:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

This novel is a great read. It starts over a hundred years ago in England when Charles Spurgeon finds a cryptic scroll. He realises the importance of this scroll when a group of Muslim men try to take it from him. He sends the scroll to America. The scroll is found in present time, and a group of men work to find it’s meaning. But Muslim terrorists will do anything to keep the scroll from being interpreted, and the men find their lives are in danger.

This suspense/thriller is the Christian alternative to Dan Brown novels. It’s a great read. Occasionally the pace is a little too slow, but overall it’s fast paced. I recommend this novel.

Featured Novel: Faces In The Fire

Faces in the Fire

Faces In The Fire

By T.L. Hines


Book Description

Four lost souls on a collision course with either disaster or redemption. A random community of Faces in the Fire.

Meet Kurt, a truck-driver-turned-sculptor with no memory of his past. Corinne, an e-mail spammer whose lymphoma isn’t responding to treatment. Grace, a tattoo artist with an invented existence and a taste for heroin. And Stan, a reluctant hit man haunted by his terrifying gift for killing.

They don’t know each other, at least not yet. But something–or someone–is at work in the fabric of their lives, weaving them all together. A catfish, a series of numbers scribbled on a napkin, a devastating fire, and something mysterious. Something that could send them hurtling down the highway to disaster–or down the road to redemption. But they won’t know which is which until they’ve managed to say yes to the whispers in their souls.


T.L. Hines’ Website


My Review:   ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

This is the first T.L. Hines book I’ve read, and I’m glad I did. From the first page, “Faces In the Fire” draws you into the four main characters lives. This supernatural suspense thriller will lead you into how each character finds redemption through a strange set of numbers and symbols. I was on the edge of my seat. The only caution I would give is this novel is not doctrinally correct but I believe is meant to be taken figuratively rather than literally. I highly recommend this novel.

Featured Novel – Riven by Jerry Jenkins


by Jerry B. Jenkins

Writer of the “Left Behind Series”

Tyndale Publishers

Heinous as any murder can be, the crime is not the story here. Rather, along with many other elements—seemingly unrelated at first blush—the crime serves as mere impetus to what really happened. And that proved unforgettable to any old enough to remember.

The unnamed state in which these events occurred had for nearly two centuries flaunted its renegade spirit, thumbing its nose at Washington. A succession of maverick governors, including one who engineered the state’s four-year secession during the Civil War, had served to fashion the commonwealth into a virtual landlocked island unto itself. Only Louisiana rivaled its no-nonsense prisons, only Texas its record on capital punishment.

The state’s leaders and citizens were as proud of their tough-on-crime reputation as they were of the state’s highway system, constructed and maintained wholly apart from federal funds and linking to the interstates only at the borders. The governor was as proud of the state’s decades-old reputation for budget surpluses as the legislature was of its historic capitol building.

Our two main characters, however, had never before given a thought to matters of state and could not have imagined how such would so thoroughly determine their fates.

Jerry says:  “This is the novel I have always wanted to write. I determine whether a fiction idea has merit by how long it stays with me. Does it rattle in my brain, and do I find myself telling it to my wife and other confidants? Is it the type of a tale that will draw me back to the keyboard every day? Two-thirds of my published books have been novels, and only three have had that effect on me.

I give my all to every one, but special joy and anticipation attend those that genuinely feel like the best ideas. Riven is my fourth such labor of love. The two main characters have remained in my memory since high school 40 years ago. The story idea is perhaps 20 years old. And those mystical, interweaving elements I hope make it all work have been tugging at me for more than a decade.

If a novelist has a life’s work, this is mine. I hope in the end you agree and that Riven stays with you long after the final page.”

Click Here to read Chapters 1 & 2

My Review:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is one of the best redemptive stories I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it. The story follows the life of two men. One serves God with all his heart, but never seems to make a difference no matter how hard he tries. The other man, Brady, follows the wrong road at every turn and can’t seem to make a wise decision. Their paths intersect, and when they do, God’s redemption and love changes the world.

Featured Novel – Until the Last Dog Dies by John Robinson

Until the Last Dog Dies

By John Robinson

Joe Box Series Novel #1

River Oak Publishers

Joe Box, private eye, is facing the challenge of a lifetime. He must track down a killer who is preying on the guys Joe served with in Vietnam.

“A gritty novel reviewers have called “an exhilarating thriller” filled with “heart pounding suspense”


Write this down: any phone call taken after ten p.m. will be bad. I’ve never seen this rule fail in more than forty-eight years, and it was proving itself again now. I’m not sure how long the ringing had been going on, but the insistent, intrusive clamor was dragging me inch by stubborn inch back from the sleep I’d so much needed. I’d only crawled into bed a scant hour before, having pulled a thirty-six-hour nonstop marathon working a child custody case, and I was wiped.

Still in a mental fog, I fumbled the receiver from its cradle. I rubbed a rough hand over gritty eyes as I mumbled my greeting. “This had better be either a beautiful woman or someone who owes me money.”

The voice was high. Tinny and nervous. “Joe Box?”

I slapped my jaws shut. It couldn’t be. I sat up with a frown. “Little Bit? Is that — ”

“Joe !” The relief in the man’s voice was pitiful. “I wasn’t sure if I had the right guy or not, no.”

“This is Little Bit, right? From Louisiana?”

“Saint Charles parish. Yeah, it’s me, Joe. We gotta talk.”

Perfect. This guy, of all people. I hadn’t seen or heard from Leo-Bob “Little Bit” Frontenau since the Vietnam War thirty years ago. Which I suppose was for the best; the memories from that time weren’t good. Little Bit had been a lousy soldier, certainly the worst I’d ever served with. The man was lazy, incompetent, complaining, scheming, woman-crazy… and with all that probably the closest thing I’d had to a friend in Vietnam. What could he be wanting now?

I rotated my neck, listening to my vertebrae snap. Getting older stinks. But it beats the alternative. “Do you know what time it is? What in the world do you want?”

“I’m in trouble, Joe.” I heard him swallow. “So are you.”

I shook my head. “Bad time for jokes, Lit — ”

“It’s not a joke!” he broke in.

“Whatever it is, it can wait. I’m in bed. Call me tomorrow.”

“It’s only seven here in L.A.,” he said. I heard the clink of a bottleneck against a glass. There’s nothing else in the world that makes that noise. I should know. It was a sound I’d been intimately familiar with, that is until I became a Christian, three months ago.

“Well, this isn’t L.A.,” I shot back. “It’s Cincinnati, it’s ten o’clock and I’m beat. Like I said, call me back in the morning. At my office. We’ll talk then. And Little Bit? Sober up before you do.” I went to set the phone down, but as I pulled it away from my ear I heard his voice again, sounding even more frantic.

“Don’t! Don’t hang up!” I ignored him, my hand still moving the thing back to the nightstand when he shouted, “He’s out, Joe.”

Those words jerked me fully awake. I slowly pulled the receiver to my ear. “Say that again.”

“You heard me right,” Little Bit breathed. “God help us, it’s true. I don’t know when, no, and I don’t know how, but he’s out.”

I scowled. “That’s impossible.”

“Says you! He called me!” The man was almost sobbing with fear. “Just now! Not ten minutes ago!” I heard him swallow. “And he sound’ bad, Joe. Real bad.”

“Little Bit.” My words were slow and deliberate. “Listen to me. It’s not him. It can’t be. He was put in a prison for the criminally insane more than three decades ago. Remember? They practically welded the door shut on him. He’s been in there ever since, cozy as mice. You should know that as well as anyone.”

“But — ”

“He’s in there to be studied,” I went on. “Probed. Guys like him they don’t let out. Ever.” I began rubbing the bridge of my nose. “Somebody’s pulling your chain, partner.”

“Oh yeah?” Little Bit snapped. “Then listen to this. Here’s the worst part.” His voice dropped. “He knows about the cards, Joe. And what we did wit’ them.” His laugh was bitter. “Now who’s chain gettin’ pulled, huh?”

That stopped me. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah,” he groaned. “Oh yeah. And nobody else knew about them, no. The Loot had told us we was the only unit using cards beside the berets.”

I remembered. Our platoon had taken to using a variation of an old psychological warfare trick the Special Forces had started. But instead of placing an ace of spades on a dead Cong’s face, like they did, the lieutenant had decided to use a Tarot card. Specifically, Death — old skinny bones himself. He wanted to strike some terror into the Cong, secure a little payback.

The brass frowned on such practices, but we did it anyway. Lieutenant Calhoun figured, correctly in my thinking, those constipated monkey-runners could afford such niceties; they were in the rear with the gear. We were the ones humping it through the bush.

Little Bit rushed nervously on. “We always put a death card on the face of a Cong we killed. And he knows about that, man.”

“Yeah, yeah, again assuming it’s him.” My voice was gruff. “Get to it already.”

“He sent me one, Joe! A death card!” Little Bit swallowed again, a huge sound over the phone. “I got in from work late and there it was, stuck in my door. When I saw it I almost croaked right on my gallery.” For some reason Cajuns like Little Bit call the porches on their houses “galleries.” I guess even in L.A. some things don’t change.

He was shouting now. “I pulled the card off and stumbled inside, starin’ at it, and not ten seconds after I did, he called me! It’s the voodoo, Joe, the gris-gris! He’s watchin’ my house! He knows where I live! He — ”

I broke in on his ravings. “Calm down. Take a breath. Do you know how crazy you sound?”

But it was like Little Bit hadn’t heard. “He told me his dead Cong brothers have voices, and he said they’re callin’ to him from the earth. I’m tellin’ you it’s the gris-gris, man! They said it was time for him to pay the debt and he told me I was marked! I was goin’ to be next!”

“Next? Next for what?”

“I ain’t sure, no,” he moaned, “but it can’t be good.”

I really wasn’t in the mood for this tonight. Was not. I lay back on the bed, phone still against my ear. “You know what, Little Bit? I’ll tell you who’s doing this. Ed Ralston. You remember him. You remember what a sick, twisted dude he was. And he was with the platoon quite a while, so he’d know all about those cards. This is just the kind of stunt Ralston’d pull, especially on you. He knew how superstitious you were. And still are, I guess.” I yawned. “See? Isn’t that simple? Mystery solved.”

Little Bit’s voice went flat as he said the next. “That’d solve it, except for one t’ing. Ralston’s dead.”

Review:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is the first of the Joe Box Series. Joe Box is a privite investigator with a past. He was an ex-cop and an alcoholic. He also was a Vietnam Veteran. But his life has changed since he accepted Christ as his Savior. It’s not easy living out his faith as a new Christian and as a Private Eye. In this case, Joe deals with his time in Vietnam when his friend Little Bit contacts him. The next day, he finds out Little Bit has been electrocuted. He believes there’s foul play, and his suspicions are raised even more when he finds out that three more of his platoon of ten are also dead under mysterious circumstances. He struggles with flashbacks as he investigates the case.

This novel will keep you on the edge of your seat. You won’t be able to figure out what happens next as you follow this case with Joe Box. I give it my highest recommendation.