Thanksgiving Tables for Even the Laziest and the Most Busy

By Carole Brown

I love Autumn decorations almost as much as Christmas decorations. Here’s a few suggestions that can inspire you to adjust them to suit your capabilities and budget. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


If you’re not a fan of the traditional oranges and browns, try softer hues such as light greens, blues, white and grays. Those beautiful white pumpkins and squashes are elegant and perfect with touches of leafy greens. Why not use those blue dishes with white or gray decorations?


Use pumpkins to build a topiary. Choose your colors, remove stems from all but the top one, then stack. Finish the centerpiece with sprigs of leaves, nuts and pine cones.

Have a multitude of different plates? Chose varying ones to match for each place setting, then stack them with the napkin on top and a small pumpkin, squash or other holiday ornament or even a large name tag tied to the pumpkin’s stem.


Tired of the pumpkin-themed decorations? Use what you have, like fruits and vegetables. After all, we’re being thankful for what we have, for the bountiful harvest God’s given us!




Have a chandelier? Don’t forget to decorate it too with magnolia or holly leaves, pine coves and even–wait for it; I love the idea!–turkey feathers! Beautiful and elegant.



Add a table runner or place mats of your own design and making. Don’t be afraid to be creative and use what you have. Linen, burlap, and crisp cotton can add to the look you especially favor. Have children? Have them add your choice of painted creations on a long piece of cotton material.



Use the dishes you have. Antiques or hand-me-downs from parents or even unique pieces you seldom use? Use them as centerpieces or for whatever you have need of. Sometimes old is better. And they definitely make a statement.



Use pedestal-ed cake plates of candle stands. Wrap middle of candle with rope, surround with greenery and other items. Lovely.

Fill smaller pitchers like creamers, etc., with dried bittersweet, wheat sprigs, and skewered fruits of small twigs. Give each place setting their own creation, or set several here and there on the table.



And lastly: Put together small, sweet bouquets by tying dried wheat sprigs and
goldenrod together with twine. Use hearty fresh foliage that will look nice out of water for hours, so they don’t wilt on the table. Tie a tag onto each bouquet, with the guest’s name, a verse, poem or favorite saying, and give to them as a favor.





Most of all, stay relaxed.

Enjoy the day.

Be thankful!


10 Tips for Decorating for Fall

I love to add a few decorations for each season. Autumn is one of my favorite times to add some seasonal décor because of all the rich colors. Only a few additions will make a big difference. Here’s 10 tips for Fall Decorating.

1. Use a tablecloth with Autumn colors such as brown, rust, orange, or burgundy to bring color to your dining area.

2. Make or buy an Autumn centerpiece for your table. Here’s a post on How to Make a Simple Fall Centerpiece that even someone with two left thumbs can do.

3. Use pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones for decoration accents around the house.

4. Use candles and accent pieces with Autumn colors.

5. Glue different color leaves onto a poster board making a collage of color. Then frame it and hang it in a prominent place.

6. Take a hike through the woods and take photographs of the leaves changing colors. Blow up and hang the best photograph.

7. Cut holes in the top of gourds and place flowers in them for unique vases.

8. Attach dried cornhusks to porch posts or set them on either side of your front door.

9. Add a few fall colors to your flower arrangements.

10 Hang an Autumn wreath on the door.

Happy Autumn!!!