Alice’s Notions Contests, FB Parties, and Blog Tour

by Tamera Lynn Kraft

A lot is happening with promotions of my novel, Alice’s Notions. Here are a few of the highlights.

14 Days ◊ At Least 14 Reviews ◊ Chance to Win $25 Amazon Gift Card

Alice’s Notions Blog Tour

WW2 Christian Fiction Facebook Party

7 Authors of WW2 Fiction including Tamera Lynn Kraft

7 WW2 Novels including Alice’s Notions

Grand Prizes: $50 Amazon Gift Card or All 7 Featured Novels

You can purchase Alice’s Notions on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Check out Alice’s Notions reviews at Amazon or Goodreads!

Brices Mice Christian Book Reviews said:

I was in for a huge surprise when I read Alice’s Notions by Tamera Lynn Kraft. Expecting a sweet romance set in a quaint little town turned into a deliciously, mysterious story involving characters with diverse personalities and backgrounds.

It takes place in 1946 as Alice, the main young character has lost her husband to the war and is trying to make it on her own with a quilting and notions shop. She is young and beautiful and it seems like men are taken with her strong and determined ways. She knows the town and the people but who would ever suspect that your neighbors and life long friends might not turn out to be who you thought they were. Just why are people acting so strange in peace time, but with the war still fresh on their minds?

Kraft pulls out all the stops in this story, events I didn’t see coming, one right after another. She addresses how people of that era felt about the Germans and all the immigrants, and I loved all the references she made for that time period. She really did her research as I recognized the Akron Quaker Oats Company as it’s not too far from me and that old wonderful store Woolworths. Songs and movie stars were given their due nod, and the slang she used put you right in the mood of things.

The pace picked up so fast towards the end, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. A wonderful strong main character, but still “weak at the knees” when it came to handsome men.


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