Featured Novel Michel the Fourth Wise Man

katheryn-yellowKatheryn Maddox Haddad is our featured author today. Katheryn was born in the north, but moved to Arizona where she doesn’t have to shovel sunshine.  With a BA degree in English and Bible, she earned part of an MA in Bible, including Greek studies.  Every morning she sends out an inspirational thought to some 30,000 worldwide.

You can find Katheryn at her website or on Facebook.

haddad-coverMichel the Fourth Wise Man

Michel follows the footsteps of his Jewish ancestor, Daniel, and is a magus to King Phraattes of the Parthian Empire. He decides to buy the Garden of Eden where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet. It is now completely under water where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet, and the home of marsh people. He becomes the laughing stock of his friends.

He sacrifices everything to get it—his warrior father, his wife, and his estate. His dream is to replant the Garden of Eden and draw pagans on pilgrimage to it so they will learn about the one true God. Then perhaps God will walk the earth with them in the Garden as he had with Adam and Eve.

He is interrupted by a star that appears for awhile, then disappears. The other magi believe it is a sign a god was born. King Phraattes demands to know the meaning of the star, fearing it is an omen his kingdom will be taken from him.

Michel and his friends travel the world delving into the holy writings of world religions, trying to find the meaning of the star. How Michel hates this interruption.

After a year of searching, they give in to Michel’s appeals, and find their answer in the Jewish scriptures. They go to Bethlehem where Michel realizes God has already come and is walking on earth through the boy, Jesus. He goes into a meltdown. He has lost everything to buy Eden. What can he do now?


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