Why YOU Should Read Knight in Shining Apron

by Carole Brown


Some of my reviews encourage it!

  1. Carole Brown does not shy away from the tough issues of life. Domestic abuse is not something discussed over the kitchen table, but needs to be addressed. The Knight in Shining Apron presents the debilitating effects from abuse ostar-ratingsn the victim’s psyche in a sensitive and understanding manner. The reader empathizes with Starli as she copes with intimidation from the brother of her deceased abusive husband. Living with secrets presents challenges to Starli’s ability to forgive and trust. Music and Ice skating are her therapeutic tools. The plot is realistic, but includes romance.The setting in Apple Blossom’s chef kitchen keeps the reader salivating. A satisfactory resolution of all the subplots makes for a page turning read. Well structured. Well written. Well worth curling up with hot chocolate and cookies.
  2. Carole Brown’s KNIGHT IN SHINING APRON is a wonderful mystery and an excellent read. Her characters are so real I kept thinking I knew them personally. You will know then too.

  3. Carol Brown is a gifted author. She is specialized in writing fictional novels. It is my first time reading her novel. Her main character, Starli, entertains our curiosity throughout the book. Her book is full of suspense. A broken life rebuilt completely by the power of God. Would Starli let go of her past to embrace a future free from pain and sufferings? Carol Brown’book is an excellent way to reflect on what matters in our life. Is our life driven by materialism or the love of God? Are we letting God reaching out to us? Is God using our relationships to show us His amazing love? A lesson for each one of us in our walk with God? If you want to know the answer, I invite you to read Carol Brown’s book!!!


  1. Carole Brown does not shy away from the tough issues of life. I give you not only entertainment, but “real meat” with my books. I love to include issues that pertain to our everyday lives. Things that need addressed, but at times we shy away from. Knight in Shining Apron touches on abuse, but not in a way that takes the enjoyment of the book away from the reader.
  2. Her characters are so real I kept thinking I knew them personally. That’s what I won’t readers to see and feel when they read my books. I want them to be there, to almost feel they are the characters, so I dig deep into their personalities until I know what each is feeling, what motives each has. That makes for real characters.
  3. Carole Brown is a gifted author. She is specialized in writing fictional novels. I never claim to be the best in the world. But after six published novels with at least one more coming this year, I can claim that I’m experienced. I’ve studied hard, accepted the hard critiques from my writing partners and wrote, wrote, wrote.


  1. I think you’ll enjoy the book! reading-leaves-cup
  2. Autumn’s here, winter’s coming. What better idea than to snuggle down in the evening and enjoy a cozy mystery that will set you wanting more after you finish the last page?
  3. $2.99’s a bargain, but if that’s too steep for your budget, then keep watching. We’ll have promotions and giveaways in the future so you’re sure to see an even better price or maybe even a freebie! 


If you’re interested in reading–well, the first two people who:

  • comment here on this post with email (ex: browncarole212(at)yahoo(dot)com ) and
  • are willing to give an honest review on various sites,

I’ll be happy to send you a kindle copy.

Happy Reading! 

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About Carole Brown

Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, Carole Brown enjoys mentoring beginning writers. She loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

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