Welcoming Suspense Author Lillian Duncan today!

by Carole Brown

Lillian writes suspense, and that’s right up MY alley! Lol. I’m hosting her today and she’s just as excited over her writing journey as authors should be! You’ll enjoy reading her answers to the questions I’ve asked her! Be sure to check out her giveaway! Here’s a bit about her:

Lil2016bfixLillian Duncan…Stories of faith mingled… with murder & mayhem.

Lillian is a multi-published author who lives in Ohio Amish country with her husband. After more than 30 years working as a speech pathologist for children, she believes in the power of words to transform lives, especially God’s Word.

Lillian writes the types of books she loves to read—fast-paced suspense and mystery with a touch of romance that demonstrates God’s love for all of us.

To learn more about Lillian, you may visit her at:



She also has a devotional blog at www.PowerUpWithGod.com.


Now on to the interview!

Tell us a little bit of how you were called, or began writing. Happenstance? A clear call? A chosen career?

Long, long ago…I was turning 40 and as often happens around that time of life, I was questioning my life and what I was doing with it. Anyway, I was watching a talk show and the guest suggested you write your own obituary. The idea was to put in things you’d accomplished in your life that you hadn’t actually done yet but by the time you needed the obituary you would have done.

One of the things I wrote was that I was a multi-published author. Now keep in mind I’ve always loved books but never thought that I had the talent to write them. But when I read those words, something sparked on the inside of me and I haven’t stopped writing yet!

What is the message(s) in the book you’re promoting today? Do you like a definite spiritual theme or do you keep it less obvious as you write? Can you give us a very brief scene (paragraph) as an example?

Forgiveness is the definite spiritual theme of GAME ON. Forgiving others but also forgiving ourselves. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. If we get mired down in guilt or anger, then we might miss out on God’s great plans for our lives.

Excerpt from GAME ON:

She looked up at the yellow sticky note attached to her computer monitor.


Nikki had put it there as a reminder. Last month’s word had been LOVE. As hard as love had been, she was finding forgiveness to be even harder.

Especially this very moment.

Her fingernails tapped on her desk. Forgiveness. Think about forgiveness. Jesus said to forgive our enemies. If she ever wanted to have a peaceful life, she had to learn to forgive her past hurts and move on.

But this…this was much more than she’d bargained for. This wasn’t a test she’d expected. Never in a million years had she thought she’d ever come face to face with Lucas McMann again.

What is YOUR favorite part about the book or why do you love this book? Why should we read it? J

What’s my favorite part? All of it! I love the festiveness of Nikki, but I also love the calm determination of Lucas. The two of them together make a formidable pair. Of course, neither of them believe they are the right person for the other, but life has a way of working out just the way it should.

Give us three items about yourself: hobbies, loves, fun or weird habits, food/snack kicks you like, what would you be if not a writer–that sort of thing.

  • Weird habits? I don’t have any of those—just joking! I love animals. At the moment we have two dogs, two parrots, and five goldfish. At one point I even owned a dog kennel and grooming shop.
  • As for hobbies, my husband and I enjoy camping and bowling together. My own favorite hobby is watching TV and movies. I admit it—I’m a couch potato.
  • Writing is a second career. My first career was a speech therapist. So you can see my love of words and language in both of my choices.

Lastly, share an incident when you’ve been very happy/excited or very disappointed/depressed during and because of your writing career? How were you able to get past the bad and move on to the good?

It took me 15 years to get a traditional publishing contract. That’s a lot of rejections and disappointments. There were many times when I’d say, “Forget it. Writing must not be for me.” But….I’d always start writing again because I loved writing stories.

I finally accepted that I might not ever get published but that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy writing stories—even if just for me. And it wasn’t long after that when I received my first contract.

The moral of the story is don’t quit doing what you love just because it’s not turning out the way you expected.




GameOn_h12099_680Politics is no game when a stalker nears and there’s nowhere to hide.

A run for the senate is just a step on the road to the White House for Congressman Lucas McMann. But his public profile has put him in the middle of a crazed gunman’s twisted game of stalking. If he wants to win the election and reclaim his life, he’ll need the help of the one person who’d rather leave their past behind them.

Private Investigator Nikki Kent knows how to dig up secrets and discover those who exist in the shadows. She should. She’s good at hiding secrets of her own. Can she risk her own discovery for someone so desperate for her help? For the first man who broke her heart?

With new-found faith, she’ll help Lucas search for the answers. But with the truth comes a danger they must face together.

Check out the book trailer video for GAME ON at https://youtu.be/t6MK2UGB1P0


More About Game On from Lillian:

Everyone’s heard the saying: just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you! That’s the premise of my new political thriller, GAME ON.

Congressman, Lucas McMann wants to throw his hat into the political arena once again, this time for the U.S. Senate. It’s the next step on his journey to the White House, but he believes he’s the victim of an elaborate stalking game.

The problem is no one believes him.

Instead his friends think he’s experiencing PTSD. He can’t move forward until he stops the game. He can’t stop the game until he discovers who’s behind it. To do that he needs someone who will believe in him enough to help him get the proof he so desperately wants.

And he knows just the person.

If only she’s put their past behind her.

Private Investigator, Nikki Kent makes a living finding out other people’s secrets, but she has one of her own. When Lucas shows up asking for her help, she refuses. She can’t take the chance of her secret coming to light. But her new-found faith won’t let her turn her back on someone who is desperate for her help—even if he was the first man to break her heart!

Game On is filled with enough twists and turns that it should keep any reader turning those pages late into the night. I really had fun writing it and hope readers will have fun reading it. My publisher outdid herself with the book trailer for GAME ON so I hope you’ll check it out at: https://youtu.be/t6MK2UGB1P0.


To celebrate the release of GAME ON, I’m giving away a virtual basket of goodies at www.lillian-duncan.com including Amazon gift cards. For all the details go to my blog, Tiaras & Tennis Shoes. Simply leave a comment on the blog post GAME ON at www.lillian-duncan.com and you’ll be entered.

Lillian, thanks for joining us today!

Readers, check out her book and social links! 

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Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, Carole Brown enjoys mentoring beginning writers. She loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

5 thoughts on “Welcoming Suspense Author Lillian Duncan today!

  1. What a great pleasure to meet a fellow Christian Ohio author! (I mean my daughter is the author, I’m her mom/publicist). We are from the Cleveland area, and it’s always wonderful to read about local authors. Heading on over to check out the book trailer! Many Blessings to you… Linda B.

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