Five Back to School Tips for the Should-Be Ardent Writer

by Carole Brownschool-bus free

Okay, Okay. I KNOW some of us don’t have children in school anymore. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the end of summer and soon-to-be Autumn season! So I compiled a few thoughts of how to breathe new enthusiasm into your writing work. Let me know what you think and if you have any other thoughts of how you renew your writing energy.


magnifying-glass focus free

1. Focus.

Make a general list of what you want to accomplish this season. 



2.  Go over–re-read–your unfinished manuscripts.

Some questiokeyboard-freens you need to think about before beginning your reading session: A) Do you have a deadline–either from your publisher or a
self-made one? If so, begin with that work as a priority. B) If A. isn’t a matter to be concerned with, then move on to: Is there one that will take more time for research? One that just doesn’t feel is the right time to work on it? Which one gives you a tug of interest?

brainstorm free


3.  Brainstorm.

Yes, I believe in having one or two special people that you can toss ideas at, OR that they can toss ideas back at you. It’s not so much that you’ll use their ideas. But they can help get the creative juices flowing again, and you can always adjust their ideas–if they are possibilities–to fit your story plot line. I’m almost always rejuvenated by brainstorming with my two best writing buddies. 🙂


4.  Take some nnotes2-freeotes.

Yeah, you’re pantster (maybe). I know. I am too (mostly). But it doesn’t EVER hurt to jot down some ideas of where you want to go (even if you change them later), some plot ideas of what could happen, how you want your protagonist to react or what good and bad quirks your antagonist has,  etc. You may use them, or not, you may change them, but they’re a start, and that’s what you need.


5.  Finalhappy2 freely, enjoy!

Set reasonable daily goals. Turn off your inner editor (as much as possible, and if you can’t, keep that editor under control! Lol). Realize that this is what you WANT to do, so proceed at YOUR own decision-making speed. Re-read a scene or chapter at the start of each writing session to get you going–then write. Don’t worry about whether it needs editing or that you might delete it later. Take a break when you need one or feel brain dead or discouraged. Remember, this is something you love, that you want to do, that you feel compelled to do, so don’t let anything discourage you. Do whatever you need to do to keep inspired. 

Hoping these thoughts encourage you to press on with a renewed writing vigor for the approaching Autumn season. More thoughts on this later . . .

What do you do to keep inspired?




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