Guest Author Michelle Levigne – The Green Writer: Recycle (Book Giveaway)

Today my guest author is Michelle Levigne, a prolific author who probably has written more books than most people have read. She’s giving away a copy of her novel, Wheels. See the bottom of this post to find out how to enter the drawing for Wheels.

The Green Writer: RECYCLE!

by Michelle Levigne

This recycling has nothing whatsoever to do with sorting out metal, glass, plastic, and newspapers. I’ve been recycling failed books, short stories, screenplays and TV scripts.


Efficient writers never throw out ANYTHING.

No matter how embarrassing the idea, execution, or rejection letter, hold onto that story, script, poem, whatever. Put it in your idea file. Let it mature. One of these days, you’ll get that “Eureka” moment some writers would sell their firstborn child to obtain. Or in the case of today’s giveaway book, you’ll find an imaginary town with an empty spot just waiting for that story to fit — with a little plastic surgery.

Wheels-MedCase in point: Wheels, a book in Year Two of the Tabor Heights, inspirational romance series published by Desert Breeze Publishing.

Many moons ago, it started out as … “Wheels,” a script written for “MacGyver.” The original series in the 80s starring Col. Jack O’Neill — umm — Richard Dean Anderson. This script was a major point in my writing career, because I impressed the writing team enough to tell me they couldn’t ask me to rewrite it, but if I did and resubmitted, they would be glad to look at it again. No sale, but they encouraged me to turn it into a full-length screenplay. They saw potential. So I did, and entered several screenwriting competitions, but no wins.

Fast-forward ten years. I was revising a number of unconnected romances to create the town of Tabor Heights, to give them a common geography, minor characters, and especially a church. I created The Mission (an important detail to remember later), an outreach of Tabor Christian Church — a daycare, senior citizen center, food cupboard and clothes cupboard. The administrator, Claire Donnelly (another important detail), is assisted by her brother, Tommy, a wheelchair-bound comedian. Claire and Tommy, under other names, were in the “MacGyver” script, centered around a handicap awareness drive. The “Wheels” script was Tommy’s story, and during the plastic surgery, I decided that Claire’s romance had to take place first, in Year One of Tabor Heights. Tommy’s story starts at the wedding of Claire and her hero, Paul.

In WHEELS, the heroine is Natalie, the little girl next door who adored Tommy when they were children. Natalie is a magazine reporter and comes back into Tommy’s life when she covers … taa daa! Handicap Awareness Day at The Mission.

Moral of the story: never throw out anything, no matter how badly written or how much of a failure it is. Someday, you’ll find the right place to use it, with a little plastic surgery.

Giveaway question: Go to my website,, search the Tabor Heights books, and give me the title of the book where Tommy and his sister Claire are main characters.

Drawing will be held next Friday.

Michelle Levigne has been a story addict for as long as she can remember, starting with The Cat in the Hat and Weekly Reader Book Club. She discovered Narnia and Star Trek in elementary school, and was a familiar face in the school library, especially when she became addicted to Greek mythology. She fell into fandom in college, and published many short stories and poems in various universes, all while sending out original stories to magazines and publishing houses, eventually receiving rejections that weren’t the standard photocopied photocopy of a form letter.

She has a BA in theater/English from Northwestern College and a MA in communication, focused on film and writing from Regent University. In 1990, her writing career finally broke into the public market when she won 1st place in the 4th quarter of the Writers of the Future contest, which included publication in that year’s winners anthology. Her first published novel Heir of Faxinor came out in 2000. Since then, Michelle has published 70+ books and novellas with multiple small presses, in SF and fantasy, YA, women’s fiction, and romance. She makes her living as a freelance editor and proofreader.

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