High Praise for Resurrection of Hope

ResurrectionOfHopeCoverArt72dpiReviews are starting to come in for my recently released novella Resurrection of Hope. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I recently received an endorsement from Author Carole Brown for Resurrection of Hope.

A Novel that Kept Me Reading, which Doesn’t Happen Often

What a beautiful tale of two souls’ struggles to truly unite as one. Kraft did an awesome job of creating characters that are real and reader-sympathetic. I could see myself on the sidelines watching the action going on in this book.

When Vivian almost makes a decision that could have taken her to the point of no return, a faint hope appears in the form of Henry, a friend from the past, who proposes a bland solution: marry him in name only. He has a housekeeper, and she’ll be secure financially. Even without love? What is a lady to do who has no future, no hope of happiness shining on her horizon, but a nagging, insinuating, persistent hotel boss who also wants to marry her?

She makes her choice, and so begins the true courtship of Vivian Klein and Henry Bauer. The journey these two young people travel in their quest for true happiness is filled with anguish and trials with some sweet and touching scenes written in. Can they really come to love each other the way they should?

I highly recommend this novel to those who love historical romance. Kraft doesn’t disappoint, and you won’t be disappointed either by reading it.

This is what Author Mary Ellis said about my writing.

Tamera Lynn Kraft creates characters that will stay with you long after you finish the book. Her stories are well-researched, well-plotted and well-paced. Kraft is always a delight to read. ~  Mary Ellis, author of Magnolia Moonlight 

The Blog, Just a Little Southern Hospitality, had this to say.

When there is heartbreak, we lose hope. When Vivian’s fiance, James, is killed in the war, Vivian feels as though God has turned His back on her. She has given up and no longer sees why she should keep on living.

Henry comes to Vivian’s rescue. Before James died, he made Henry promise he will take care of her. Even though it would be a marriage of convenience, deep down Henry has always loved Vivian.

In this sweet story, miscommunication and misunderstanding stands in the way of two people, confused about their roles. Henry is afraid to show Vivian his true feelings. Vivian begins to love Henry, but feels rejection by his cool demeanor. It takes hardship and turmoil to help them see what is really important in life.

Tamera Kraft wove a gentle story reflecting so many things that many couples battle. Husbands and wives bring old heartaches and wounds into marriage. But when placing their trust in the Lord, time and love helps them to heal. Resurrection of Hope is a lovely story that captures the heart of hope and forgiveness.

If you’d like to order Resurrection of Hope and see for yourself why all the high praise, the buying links are below. Don’t forget to leave a review.


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