This Week in History 8/1 – 8/7

This Week in History

August 1:

  • Slavery abolished throughout the British Empire (1834)
  • Blacks vote for first time in a US state election in the South (1867)
  • King James Version of the Bible becomes authorized to be printed by King James I in England (1604)
  • Joseph Priestley, English theologian, chemist and author discovers oxygen (1774)
  • WW1: Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany declares war on his nephew Tsar Nicholas II of Russia starting World War 1 (1914)
  • Francis Scott Key, author of the US National Anthem, was born (1779)
  • Cleveland Metroparks begins operating Zoo (1968)
  • WW2: Anne Frank’s last diary entry; 3 days later she is arrested (1944)
  • PT-109 sinks; Lieutenant Kennedy who later would become president is instrumental in saving crew (1943)
  • Adolf Hitler opens 11th Olympic Games in Berlin (1936)
  • Whiskey Rebellion begins in western Pennsylvania (1794)
  • First patient to receive the Jarvik 2000, the first total artificial heart that can maintain blood flow in addition to generating a pulse (2000)
  • Rush Limbaugh begins his national radio show (1988)
  • When a church council restored Biship Caecilian in North Africa after he had compromised during a period of persecutions, protests and riots broke out which weakened North African and left it open to Vandal and Muslim invasions (314 AD)
  • Fidel Castro arrested in Cuba (1953)
  • Linda Joy Holtzman became first female rabbi in US (1979)
  • Foundations laid for Bank of England (1732)
  • Assassination of French King Henry III by Friar Jacques Clément (1589)
  • Octavian, later known as Augustus, enters Alexandria, Egypt, bringing it under the control of the Roman Republic (30 BC)

August 2:

  • Birth of Army Air Corps (1909)
  • First roller skating rink opens in London (1875)
  • US Revolutionary War:  Formal signing of the US Declaration of Independence by 56 people (1776)
  • Carl David Anderson discovers and photographs a positron, positive electron, the first known antiparticle (1932)
  • Iraq invades Kuwait (1990)
  • Henry Hudson enters what would later be called Hudson Bay for the first time (1610)
  • First parachute jump in US (1819)
  • US Revolutionary War:  George Washington creates honorary badge of distinction (1782)
  • First US Census (1790)
  • WW2: Adolf Hitler becomes commander-in-chief of German armed forces (1934)
  • WW2: Lt John F Kennedy’s PT-boat 109 sinks at Solomon islands (1943)
  • Lewis Carroll publishes Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)
  • First Lincoln head pennies issued (1909)
  • WW1: Germany & Turkey sign secret treaty of alliance (1914)
  • Wild Bill Hickok murdered (1876)
  • Hatch Act prohibits political activity by federal workers (1939)
  • James Abbes was martyred by being burned at the stake during Queen Mary of Tudor’s reign (1555)
  • Napoleon declared “Consul for Life” (1802)
  • In the Second Punic War, Battle of Cannae, Carthaginian army lead by Hannibal defeats numerically superior Roman army under command consuls Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro (216 BC)

August 3:

  • Radio Shack issues a press release introducing TRS-80 home computer. 25 existed, within weeks thousands were ordered (1977)
  • WW1: Germany invades Belgium & declares war on France (1914)
  • Firestone Tire & Rubber Company founded (1900)
  • First ship passes through Panama Canal (1914)
  • First U.S. nuclear submarine Nautilus accomplishes first undersea voyage to the geographic North Pole (1958)
  • Last installment of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens published (1861)
  • Christopher Columbus sets sail on his first voyage with 3 ships Santa Maria, Pinta, and Niña from Palos de la Frontera, Spain for the “Indies” (1492)
  • Vietnam War: 45,000 US soldiers sent to Vietnam (1967)
  • WW2: Adolf Hitler merges the offices of chancellor and president, declaring himself ‘Führer ‘ (1934)
  • Schul Ordnung, or School Management by Christopher Dock was the first book in America written about teaching methods (1770)
  • David Fabricius discovers light variation of Mira, first variable star (1596)
  • First known letter was sent from North America by John Rut while at St. John’s, Newfoundland (1527)
  • President George Bush signs into law the Iran and Libya Sanctions Act (2001)

August 4:

  • WWI: Germany declares war on Belgium; Britain declares war on Germany (1914)
  • US Coast Guard founded as Revenue Cutter Service (1790)
  • During French Revolution wave of hostility toward Christians, legislation closed all religious houses (1792)
  • WWI: German army shoots Belgian priests and burns down village of Battice (1914)
  • Rev. William C. Blair became the first Sunday-school missionary of the American Sunday-school Union. In his first year, he travelled 2,500 miles in six states and formed 61 new Sunday Schools. (1821)
  • WW2: Anne Frank arrested in Amsterdam by German Security Police following a tip-off from an informer who was never identified (1944)
  • Fabian Gottlieb von Bellinghausen and Russian polar expedition returns to Kronshtadt after becoming 1st to circumnavigate Antarctica (1821)
  • Supernova seen in Cassiopia (1181)
  • Civil rights workers Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman & James E Chaney, bodies discovered in an earthen Mississippi dam (1964)
  • Pravda calls for the killing of all capitalists, priests & officers (1917)
  • US President Carter establishes Department of Energy (1977)
  • Indian Wars: whilst protecting a railroad survey party in Montana, the United States 7th Cavalry, under Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, clashes for the first time with the Sioux near the Tongue River; only one man on each side is killed (1873)
  • Jury acquits John Zenger, NY Weekly Journal, charged with seditious libel by royal governor of NY – victory for freedom of press (1735)
  • Lizzie Borden arrested for murder of parents (1892)

August 5:

  • WW1: The entire US National Guard is taken into national service, subject to presidential rather than state control (1917)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. stoned with rocks during Chicago march (1966)
  • Eight Quakers from England arrived in Boston and were immediately imprisoned by the local Puritan authorities (1656)
  • WW1: Treaty of Berlin – US & Germany sign separate peace treaty (1921)
  • WW1: Warsaw, evacuated by the Russians, is occupied by Germans (1915)
  • First talkie movie “Don Juan” at Warner Theatre, NY (1926)
  • US President Richard Nixon admits he withheld information about Watergate break-in (1974)
  • WW2: At around 11 A.M during the Battle of Troina, Mount Etna erupts sending ash and lava miles into the sky (1943)
  • English religious leader Ann Lee and a small band of followers known as Shakers first arrived in America (1774)
  • First electric traffic light installed in the USA on the corner of East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio (1914)
  • Houdini stays in a coffin under water for 1½ hrs before escaping (1926)
  • Vietnam War: US begins bombing North Vietnam (1964)
  • Spanish Jesuits led by Fray Batista Segura arrived in the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia, for the purpose of converting the American Indians to Christianity but were massacred six months later (1570)
  • William Wallace, Scottish resistance leader, is captured by the English (1305)
  • The last major Viking army to raid England is defeated at the Battle of Tettenhall (910)
  • War of 1812: Tecumseh’s Native American force ambushes Thomas Van Horne’s 200 Americans at Brownstone Creek, causing them to flee and retreat (1812)
  • US Army abolishes flogging (1861)
  • Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes captured/Islam advances through Europe (1071)
  • US Civil War: Battle of Mobile Bay won by the Union led by Rear Admiral Farragut with the cry “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” (1864)

August 6:

  • Traditional date for Transfiguration of Christ (30 AD)
  • Cane Ridge, Kentucky revival services began at a camp meeting with over 25,000 in attendance (1801)
  • WW2: Hiroshima, Japan’s first city bombed by the atomic bomb known as “Little Boy”, delivered by bomber Engola Gay (1945)
  • Tim Berners-Lee releases files describing his idea for the World Wide Web, WWW debuts as a publicly available service on the Internet(1991)
  • President Johnson Voting Rights Act prohibiting voting discrimination against minorities (1965)
  • Italian explorer John Cabot returns to Bristol from North America (Newfoundland) – first European to do so since the Vikings (14970)
  • Big Ben is cast (1856)
  • At Auburn Prison, New York murderer William Kemmler becomes first person to be executed by electric chair (1890)
  • US troops leave Haiti, which had been occupied since 1915 (1934)
  • Supernova observed by Chinese & Japanese astronomers (1181)
  • Prometheus, the world’s oldest tree, is cut down in Nevada US (1964)
  • Russian Tsar Alexis bans foreign hair styles to those below the nobility (1675)
  • NASA announces that life may have existed on Mars (1996)

August 7:

  • The Iraqi Government slaughters over 3,000 Assyrians, mostly Christians, in the village of Sumail, known as Assyrian Martyrs Day (1933)
  • US Revolutionary War: George Washington creates Badge of Military Merit now known as the Purple Heart (1782)
  • Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering, the precursor to Sony, begins selling its first transistor radios in Japan (1955)
  • President George HW Bush orders Operation Desert Shield in response to Iraqi occupation of Kuwait (1990)
  • A large mob estimated at 2,000 lynch two young black men, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith in Marion, Indiana (1930)
  • Hatfields of south West Virginia & McCoys of east Kentucky feud, 100 wounded or die (1882)
  • WW2: Nazis close theological department of Innsbruck University (1938)
  • First performance ever of Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1606)
  • Chinese Pastor Ming-Dao, his wife and eighteen young Christians were imprisoned for preaching the Gospel in Communist China (1954)
  • WW2: First American offensive in Pacific at Guadalcanal, Solomon Island (1942)
  • Death of Marcus Trajan, Roman emperor who persecuted Christians (117 AD)
  • Soviet premier Khrushchev predicts USSR economy will surpass US (1961)
  • Francis Asbury, Methodist revivalist, arrived in America (1771)
  • Jacqueline Kennedy becomes first US First Lady to give birth, Patrick Kennedy, since Mrs Cleveland (1963)
  • Congress creates Department of War & Lighthouse Service (1789)
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