10 Fun Things to Do Before the Kids Go Back to School

Summer vacation is half way over. If you’re like most parents, you’re racking your brains trying to figure out some inexpensive things you can do with your children to create memories and family bonding time.

Go to the playground at McDonalds. You can buy the kids a cheap lunch and spend the day watching them play.

Go backyard camping. There is nothing more fun for kids than to take them camping, but many campsites have become expensive or are too far away to make it practical. Why not set up a campsite and tent in your back yard. The best thing is you have all your supplies in the house if you forget anything, and if it rains, you can run inside and camp out in the living room.

Go for family bike rides. There are bikes, tricycles, or wagons you can pull for every age, and learning to ride a bike is a skill every child should know. There are bike trails in parks and most cities where your children can safely ride their bikes without worrying about traffic.

Join your local library’s summer reading program. The best thing you can do is teach your children to love books.

Go for a train ride. Most areas of the country have places where you can take a train ride exclusion for a couple of hours. Children can get really excited about riding on a train.

Visit virtual historic sites. Check your state’s tourism website to find out if there are any virtual historic sites around where your children can learn about candle making and glass blowing among other things.

Visit the nearest zoo. Learning about different animals always lend for a fun time. Another idea is to visit a petting zoo.

Go for hikes at local parks. Most areas have parks nearby, and some have summer hiking trails list where you can keep track of your progress. One cool thing to do would be to buy or make your children hiking sticks and carve out a notch with initials for each trail they hike.

Make your own water slide park and invite the neighborhood kids. This is pretty easy to accomplish. You can buy plastic tarp painters use and douse them with water and dish washing suds. Then have a wading pool and water games. You could also set up an obstacle course with sprinklers you can borrow from all the neighbors. If you don’t have sprinklers, use hoses. Finish the day with an ice cream bar with lots of toppings.

Have your children attend every VBS in the area. Each Vacation Bible School has different activities. It’s a fun way for your children to learn about God.


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