A Writer’s World of Impossibilities

When I face the desolate impossibility of writing 500 pages, or completing a multitude of tasks or facing an unknown, difficult situation . . .
a sick sense of failure falls on me.

Me: (What a daunting task! 
Can I ever get it done?
I fear not . . .) 
I know I can never do it.
This happens every time.
Me: (Every single time.
Never fails but the haunting fear of failing hovers
like a bird of prey . . .
assuring me I’ll never get it done!)
Then, gradually, I write one page . . . do one task at a time . . . or reach out for encouragement . . .
Take another step. And another.
One day’s work is all I can permit myself to contemplate,
and I eliminate the possibility of never finishing.
Me: (Smile)
–John Steinbeck

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s World of Impossibilities

  1. I just found you, and I am eager to get to know you and learn from your advise i have always wanted to write children’s books about how to be the best they can be . here’s hoping you will help me see it through!1 God Bless and i will be checking in regularly if it is possible put me on your send list of advise. I appreciate it so much1 Thank You for sharing so many don’t do this enough to help others to get to their drem Blessings today and everyday.

    • Kathy, good to hear from you. Do pm me on FB and we’ll go from there! Looking forward to getting to know you.

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