10 Reasons Christians are Better Off than Atheists

A blue person stands out in a crowd holding a sign with the word God on it, spreading the holy teachings of the church and trying to convert others to a belief or faithby Tamera Lynn Kraft

I read a post the other day about 10 Reasons Atheists are Better Off than Christians. The article was almost laughable, and some of it showed a negative bias that would be denounced as bigoted if it were against another religion, race, or gender. All of it would be easy to refute. I’ll give you one example. The writer said the happy index on countries that were atheist was higher. I suppose that may be true with a couple of countries based on the perspective of whoever is doing the survey. But look at countries like the old Soviet Union. I don’t think their people were happier.

One thing I need to clarify is how I define a Christian. I am not talking about a church goer or someone who has a belief in Christian tenants. A Christian is someone who has made a commitment to make Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior, lives that out in his every day, and believes every word of the Bible is inspired by God.

I can easily think of 10 reasons Christian are better off than anyone else besides the fact that when they die they’ll go to heaven. Here’s my list.

10.  Christians don’t have to worry about people uncovering their skeletons. Everyone has sinned. Everyone has something to hide, but a Christian doesn’t have to worry about the skeletons in his closet. He’s already drug them out and exposed them to the grace of God. Everything is covered by the blood of Jesus. Now they are living in such a way that there is nothing to fear.

9.  Christians who tithe are better off financially. I’m not saying that Christians who give money are necessarily rich or that Christians should go after financial blessings, but there have been a number of studies done about this. It turns other that giving 10% of your income helps you financially. This link tells about one of the studies.

8.  Christians have less instances of addictions such as gambling, alcoholism, and drug abuse. There are Christians who struggle with these issues and make news headlines, but the vast majority of Christians don’t even partake in these activities, let alone become addicted to them.

7.  Christians have better marriages. I know there have been studies that say Christians have a divorce rate as high as non-Christians, but those studies include everyone who calls himself a Christian. The truth is that mainstream sociologists have done studies showing that Christians who take their faith seriously have a much lower divorce rate and claim to have happier marriages than any other group. This link tells about the studies.

6.  Christians have better sex. Most Christians don’t have sex outside of a committed relationship (marriage). Studies have shown that sex among committed partners is more enjoyable and fulfilling. Here’s the link.

5.  Christians know that what they believe is true. Even though it takes faith to believe in God, that faith is not blind faith. When a person becomes enlightened to the fact that God exists and that Jesus died that he might have life and responds to that, he knows the truth. It explodes in his spirit man. He has a personal relationship with the living God. That’s why atheist arguments to the contrary have no affect and why Christians are willing to die for their faith without hesitation. Once someone has a relationship with God, there is no way to convince him God doesn’t exist. It would be like trying to convince him that his wife, or mother, or best friend doesn’t exist. You can’t convince of that because he knows these people personally. People of other religions and atheists, no matter how much they convince themselves they know the truth, they can’t have the assurance a Christian has.

What about people who fall away from the faith or who say they were once Christians and now are atheists? My question is did they truly have a relationship with God, or were they only going along with the Christian culture they were a part of or acting out of emotions? If they did, they know the truth even if they’re not living it, or they have decided to turn their back on the truth and no longer have that enlightenment.

4.  Christians have peace. For a Christian, peace doesn’t come from circumstances, it comes from a person’s faith that God has things under control and will help him through difficulties. That doesn’t mean Christians don’t get depressed. There are some circumstances so overwhelming that they have to be worked through, and there is a medical component of brain chemistry involved. But even Christians who are depressed respond to treatment faster than non-Christians who are depressed. Harvard Medical School did a study showing that the stronger a person’s faith, the easier it is to fight depression with treatment. Here’s the link.

3.  Christians have something to live for. They have a purpose that is greater than life itself, to glorify God. Jim Elliot once said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” If your purpose in life is not worth dying for, it’s not worth living for.

2.  Christians have hope. You can’t do anything to hurt a Christian permanently because of his hope in an eternal life. You can kill him, but you’re only making it so he meets his Lord in Heaven sooner. You can kill his loved ones, but he knows he’ll see them again. No matter what you do to him, he has hope in a better eternity. No Christian is living his best life now. That life comes after he dies.

1.  Christians are happier. Yes, there are depressed Christians and happy atheists, but I’ve never heard of an atheist laughing, praying, and singing hymns while he is about to be killed. Yet history records a multitude of instances of Christians doing just that. I’ve also never heard someone exclaim, “Why are you so happy all the time? Where does your joy come from?” These questions are asked of Christians all the time, especially Christian living in joy when everything around them is in turmoil

If you want happiness in this life and an eternity of joy in the next, accept Christ as your savior and Lord today.

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