The Story of the Real Saint Valentine

Valentines Day is the day we celebrate the life of Saint Valentine. He was executed in 278 AD as a martyr for promoting love and marriage among Christian couples and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the emperor of Rome. He was buried on February 14th.

Valentine was born in Rome during the third century. He became a priest and then a bishop. During that time, the emperor of Rome, Claudius II, wanted to end Christianity, so he outlawed Christianity and killed Christians.

Claudius waged war on many nations to make the kingdom of Rome larger, but he had a hard time recruiting soldiers. He believed this was because men didn’t want to leave their wives, so he outlawed marriage.

Bishop Valentine continued to preach about God, and whenever a Christian couple wanted to be married, he would perform the marriage ceremony. Because of this, he was arrested and jailed.

Emperor Claudius liked Saint Valentine and invited him to the palace many times to talk. Valentine preached the Gospel to the emperor and invited him to be saved.

This made the emperor furious, and he order Valentine to not mention Jesus again, but Valentine continued to preach to him.

The emperor became so furious that he order Valentine to renounce his faith. Valentine wouldn’t do that, and Claudius order him to be beaten with clubs. When he still wouldn’t renounce Jesus, Claudius ordered him stoned to death and beheaded.

So the real reason we celebrate romance on Valentines Day is to honor a martyr who stood up for Christ and for traditional marriage no matter the cost.


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