Guest Author Angela D. Meyer – 10 Ways to Nurture Creativity

AngelaAngela D. Meyer

Angela D. Meyer lives in Omaha, NE with her husband of more than 22 years. She homeschools their daughter and recently graduated their son who is now a Marine. She taught Bible class for over 35 years and served for almost three years on the leadership team of her local Christian writers group. Her debut novel, Where Hope Starts, is a finalist in the Grace Awards. She loves God, her family, the ocean, good stories, connecting with friends, taking pictures, quiet evenings and a good laugh. Someday she wants to ride in a hot air balloon and vacation by the sea.

10 Ways to Nurture Creativity

by Angela D. Meyer

Some days it’s easy to find my creative place. Writing flows and the words fit together nicely. There are days I stare at the screen and nothing creative comes to me all day. It feels like wasted time.

It feels like I’m slacking to take care of me. But in reality, if I do, I will probably get more done in half a day than in a whole day otherwise. I am discovering how to reclaim my creative space. Nothing works all the time and I have to admit, sometimes I don’t choose to get unstuck.

I doubt I am alone in this dilemma. Here are a few suggestions for nurturing your creativity.

1. Get plenty of rest. If that means a nap. Take it. If that means an earlier bed time or sleeping in, do so. A tired mind is not typically a fruitful mind.

2. Take time to be with God. Not a drive through pick me up, but plenty of time to listen, meditate, worship, reflect. I find morning time is the best for me because my mind isn’t cluttered with the “noise” of the day.

3. Move. Our brains need oxygen to work their best. Moving gets it flowing through your body.

4. Make time for quiet. Allow your mind to detox. Get rid of all the extra noise. Turn off the music. Send the family out of the house (or you leave the house). And don’t give in to the temptation to fill it with something else.

5. Make place for laughter. It loosens up the mind, oils the cogs and frees up the clogged places.

6. Breathe. A few deep breaths can ease the tension that comes with deadlines.

7. Do something unrelated to writing that is on your to-do list. Focusing on something else distracts the mind from what it is “supposed to do, while behind the scenes, creativity stirs. And you won’t be frustrated over a wasted day.

8. Introduce pizazz. Learning and trying new things, will wake up your mind and your senses. Taste a new recipe. Feel the texture ofnew clothes (trying on what you might never afford to wear could be fun), see a new place or watch people in public, listen to a new kind of music, or smell some new perfumes.

9. Ask yourself: “what if?” and give yourself room to imagine.

10. Don’t let emotions fester. Write them in a journal. Talk them out. See a counselor. When they build up inside, the can wipe out an entire day or more of productivity. Consider using them as fuel for a story. Set aside what you are supposed to be working on and put your emotions in a story. Let your characters work them out.

Maybe your list looks something like mine. Or maybe you have your own. What do you do to nurture your creative place?

Where Hope Starts Cover resizedWhere Hope Starts 

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Still in New York, Barry fights his own demons. He knows he messed up, but is powerless to stop his rage and addictions. A fistfight on the streets of the city lands him in jail and forces him to face the possibility of a future behind bars.

Karen knows holding onto her bitterness won’t repair her marriage. But how do you forgive someone when you don’t feel like it? As she searches for the answer, she uncovers the family secret that threatens to tear them all apart. Can she find her way back to the place Where Hope Starts?

First chapter at this link

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3 thoughts on “Guest Author Angela D. Meyer – 10 Ways to Nurture Creativity

  1. Great advice. I spent…ok, WASTED an hour yesterday pecking at the keyboard. I erased more than I wrote. I’m sure if I utilize Angela’s common sense strategies I’ll accomplish more.

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