Who and What is Parkaleo?

Today is a guest blog post from a ministry called Parakaleo that works with missionaries in Haiti and other places around the world. They’re also having a giveaway at the end of this post.

Who and What is Parakaleo?

Haiti 1How we do what we do: Parakaleo International works closely with national pastors to support projects and needs that are at the heart of their ministries.  In Haiti, several pastors and laypersons have formed a sister organization called Parakaleo Haiti.  This organization is made up of pastors and laypersons that have become inter-dependent on each other for prayer and financial support.  Parakaleo International’s role with this sister organization is to come alongside them and support projects with them and provide resources for other projects. Our vocational Haiti 4schools are an example of resources that we can provide.  Parakaleo International also helps churches and pastors outside of this sister organization, however, Parakaleo Haiti does help provide accountability.  This kind of sister organization is a kind of framework we plan to take to other areas and countries around the world.

 How we started: Kevin Falde, pastor at Carolina Baptist Church in Clover, SC and president of Parakaleo International grew up in Cayes Jacmel, Haiti with missionary parents Keith and Kathy Falde.  He had a vision that CBC could have a different missions program than traditionally implemented in churches.  This vision included supporting national pastors and churches instead of foreign missionaries from the states.  After creating many personal relationships with Christians in Haiti and several years of funding missions in this way, it has become evident how effective and efficient this Haiti 2missions idea is.  A church of less than 100 members has been able to have a direct impact on 4 different church plants, several schools and create a medical missions program.  The money that the church has given to missions is going directly to evangelism and church planting.  Parakaleo International was formed after this framework as a way to allow other individuals and churches the opportunity to be a part of an effective missions program. ​

Haiti 3How we are different from missionaries: I recently asked a young missionary on deputation with a popular missions board how much support he had to raise.  His response: $80,000/year.  This missionary would be on deputation for several years and then spend approximately 1-2 years in language school before ever able to even start a ministry.  Thanks to missionaries that have sacrificed over the last century there are established churches and programs in many countries run and supported by national workers.  Parakaleo says, why not use a small portion of that money to support and encourage them?  $100 a month could support a national pastor and his family comfortably in a developing country, but would not even provide a month language school for a foreign missionary.

Haiti 5Accountability: Parakaleo International wants to provide  donors and recipients with an atmosphere of fellowship and relationship.  We don’t want to just “throw money” at problems, but rather give of ourselves to those who need our help.  We want donors to commit to pray for their brothers and sisters in Christ and be a part of their ministry through both prayer and giving.  Parakaleo International encourages donors to participate in trips where their specific skill set could benefit a ministry.  We want to keep both parties accountable to each other, financially and spiritually.

Broaden your vision for the world and increase your passion for Christ.  Pray, Give and Go!

Leave a comment to be entered to win A Home for My Heart by Anne Mateer and a bracelet which was brought back from Haiti on our recent mission trip. It is hand made, teal in color, and made from wooden beads. Don’t forget to leave your email address. If you stop by Parakaleo International http://parakaleointernational.blogspot.com/ and follow the blog we will enter you in a second giveaway (don’t forget to leave a comment there and tell us you followed the blog).  This giveaway is for US mailing addresses only.

Haiti 6    Haiti 7

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  1. Thanks for having Parakaleo International on your blog today, Tamera. Looking forward to meeting your followers.

  2. It is neat to see how God is using Parakaleo to be a help and encouragement to Pastors, their families, and the many others who are serving Him in Haiti. Thank you for sharing!

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