Michelle Levigne – Free and Discounted Christmas Reading Material

What do you like to read for Christmas? Something to tug on your heartstrings and make you think? Or do you like to laugh?

How about both?

OneSmallChildNow available as a FREE READ from Desert Breeze Publishing:
ONE SMALL CHILD, a Tabor Heights novella, sequel to BEHIND THE SCENES, an inspirational romance novel by Michelle Levigne.


Max and Tony find a baby abandoned at Homespun Theater — and the note says the baby is Max’s son. It doesn’t take long to connect the dots and realize this is another side effect from Jake Holt trying to steal Max’s identity and destroy her screenwriting career.
As they attempt to find the mother of the sickly, premature baby, Max faces questions of responsibility, guilt, and what it means to be a mother or father. Christmas is approaching, and the irony isn’t lost on her as she considers another child who also had nowhere to go.

FaeXmasConcept1aWant to laugh? Want to get it at a discount? Check out Untreed Reads (www.UntreedReads.com) on Cyber Monday, December 2, for a discount on dozens of Uncial Press (www.UncialPress.com) titles — especially Michelle Levigne’s! Look for Uncial Press on Facebook, or check out Michelle’s blog post for Sunday, December 1, for a list of the titles on sale and the times for different categories. And a free read there, too! (www.MichelleLevigne.blogspot.com)

HAVE YOURSELF A FAERIE LITTLE CHRISTMAS, a novel set in her mystical, magical, downright weird little town of Neighborlee, Ohio.


Maurice — the exiled, shrunken Fae with wings even Tinkerbell would scorn — has one wish: to be real for Holly, the librarian. In her dreams, they are in love, but she doesn’t remember or see or hear him when she’s awake. He is only allowed is one day, four times a year, to be full-sized, able to talk with her and try to win her heart. Christmas is coming, and his next day as an ordinary man. As he waits impatiently for his rendezvous with Holly, life goes on in Neighborlee, Ohio. Albeit, life in Neighborlee isn’t what most people would call normal. Especially when three couples come to town with various magical dilemmas to resolve.

Bethany is a local girl who became a Hollywood starlet. All she wants is an ordinary Christmas, sans paparazzi. With the help of Harry and his malfunctioning invisibility spell, she just might get it. And a lot more.

Wilfred and Philomena are best buddies, and their Fae relatives want them separated so each one can find their true love. But what happens when your true love is under your nose, and you can’t convince him — or her — of that important little fact?

Lori is allergic to mistletoe, and on the run from her aristocratic relatives who want to pair her with an “appropriate” Fae man. She hides out in Neighborlee and meets Brick, who has some romantic interference problems of his own. He believes in magic — but can he believe in Fae or will he think she’s insane when she tells him the truth?

Christmas is the most magical time of the year — especially for Fae in search of love in Neighborlee, Ohio.

MLevigneAbout the Author:

Michelle Levigne has been writing about the many characters populating the private playground of her imagination for longer than she wants to admit. Whatever you like to read — fantasy, science fiction, romance, inspirational, YA, suspense, adventure — she has something to offer. Check out her web site (www.Mlevigne.com) or her blogs (www.MichelleLevigne.blogspot.com & http://www.Tabor-Heights-Today.blogspot.com) or look for her on Facebook to get updates on what’s new, what’s coming, and excerpts from various books.

Read about Tamera Lynn Kraft’s Favorite things on Michelle’s blog today at this link.

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About Tamera Lynn Kraft

Tamera Lynn Kraft has always loved adventures and writes Christian historical fiction set in America because there are so many adventures in American history. She is married to the love of her life, has two grown children, and lives in Akron, Ohio. Soldier’s Heart and A Christmas Promise are two of her historical novellas that have been published. She has received 2nd place in the NOCW contest, 3rd place TARA writer’s contest, and is a finalist in the Frasier Writing Contest.

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