Mary Connealy – God Gives Season of Life

Mary ConnealyGod Gives Seasons of Life

by Mary Connealy

I am a big believer that God gives us seasons of life.

I couldn’t see it while I struggled to get published but now, looking back, I realize that God waited until exactly the right time in my life to let me be published.

I sat down to write a book, a full length novel, with the intent of getting it published, the year my baby, the youngest of four daughters, went to Kindergarten.

I wrote for ten years before I got my first book published. At the end of that ten years, I had twenty finished books on my computer. That is; twenty full length romance novels. I had other, shorter works, Middle Grade novels, short stories, children’s books, novellas, even a few poems and songs, in addition to the novels.

All that time I was writing along in what I think of as Mole-like Anonymity, I was seriously pursuing publication. It’s not like I was just patiently writing and expecting an editor to come to my door and say, “I’ve heard rumors of your greatness and I’ve been searching for you, please may I buy your book.”

It’s not like I would typing up my story thinking with sublime confidence, “God will send my books to the right publisher at the right time.”

Oh no.

I was entering contests, querying agents, mailing partials into publishers, using my Writer’s Market Guide and my Romance Writers Report Magazine, to hunt down editors and agents and contest where ever I could find them.

Through all that writing and querying and rejection, I always got just enough encouragement to carry on. I was a finalist in a contest with the second book I wrote. I’d get a occasional request for a full followed by a ‘nice’ rejection.

I got some short plays published and made actual tidbits of money.

It all kept me going.

When I finally sold, my first book, Petticoat Ranch hit the shelves in February and my baby graduated from high school in May.

I worked so hard promoting Petticoat Ranch. I did book signings and gave talks in any place that would let me in. Bookstores, libraries, churches. I attended conferences. I was crazy busy hustling around selling that book. I had no idea just how demanding it would be.

After all those years of struggle, to see how busy I now was with writing, was like a light going on. The season of my life that I could devote to being a published author came when I had time to be a published author. I could give myself whole-heartedly to it without neglecting my children.

I just couldn’t see this when I was struggling all those years. But I needed those years. I needed them to get my daughters raised and also to get a back list of books because, once Barbour Publishing bought my first book, they wanted more and more of them. I published nineteen books with Barbour in four years. Twelve full length novels, four Heartsong Presents shorter romances and three cozy mysteries. Of those nineteen books, eight were already written. I would never have been able to keep up that pace if I hadn’t had those years to write all those books. And it was really good for my career to be able to say YES every time Barbour asked for another book. It launched me to a place where Bethany House noticed and I was able to sign with them and lift this long-sought career to a wonderful place.

When I’m impatient with anything…not just writing, I try to hang on to God’s Plan, God’s Seasons of Life and embrace and enjoy the season of life I’m walking through with Him.

Meet the Author:

Mary Connealy writes romantic comedy with cowboys. She is a Carol Award winner, and a Rita, Christy and Inspirational Reader’s Choice finalist. She is the author of the bestselling Kincaid Brides Series: Out of Control, In Too Deep, Over the Edge, Lassoed in Texas Trilogy, Montana Marriages Trilogy and Sophie’s Daughters Trilogy. Mary is married to a Nebraska rancher and has four grown daughters and two spectacular grandchildren.


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About Tamera Kraft

Tamera Kraft has been a children’s pastor for over 20 years. She is the leader of a ministry called Revival Fire For Kids where she mentors other children’s leaders, teaches workshops, and is a children’s ministry consultant and children’s evangelist. She is also a writer and has curriculum published including Kid Konnection 5: Kids Entering the Presence of God published by Pathway Press. She is a recipient of the 2007 National Children’s Leaders Association Shepherd’s Cup for lifetime achievement in children’s ministry.

25 thoughts on “Mary Connealy – God Gives Season of Life

  1. What a great story and a great reminder! I wish I had had such a backlog of ready to go manuscripts when my call came. 😀

  2. Mary,

    So true–that there are seasons in life. I’m glad you had the gumption to keep writing all those years, even when you didn’t sell. It’s sad to think how many people give up before they reach the wonderful blessing God has waiting for them, if only they’d persevered.

      • Vickie if you write twenty books and finally get one published people say, “She never gave up on her dreams! She persevered! She believed in herself!” And if you NEVER get a book published, they say you have OCD and try to get you on some medication and maybe have you spend a few weeks in a secure facility under 24 hour a day supervision. So……YAY for walking around free!!!!

  3. It’s only after the storm (or waiting period, or battle or problem!) that we can see God’s perfect timing in our lives. How easy it is for me to be impatient when God knows all and cares the most! What a wonderful God. Good post, Mary. Thanks, Tamera, for inviting Mary!

  4. Your story is such an inspiration, Mary. I have 10 complete and partial manuscripts molding in the closet. I’m giddy to think they might actually see the light of day. Right now I’m writing a new one with SPEEDBO and getting my voice back. At least you kept plugging away. I stopped for years, but God is giving me a second chance.

    • Elaine, you say you stopped for years, but you were doing something those ten years, you were living your life, probably as God wanted you to. So when people tell me they’re going to stop writing, I always know there’s a good chance they mean….even without saying it….FOR NOW. I’m
      stopping…for now. You can come back to it, just like you have Elaine.

  5. Mary, this is SUCH an inspiring post, my friend!! I have to admit, in the beginning I wished I had a backlog of manuscripts under my bed too, but I forget all the years you worked hard at getting published while continuing writing and raising your kids. Talk about persistence and stamina, which, ironically, are true hallmarks of the wonderful characters in your books as well!!

    I read you novella and loved, loved, LOVED it my friend, but no surprise there!! Will get an endorsement to you soon.


  6. Mary, your writing journey is proof positive that God had you and your talent in the palm of His hand. You did your part by working hard so you’d be prepared for His timing. Love your stories!

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