10 Ways To Find More Time To Write

Writers have a difficult time finding time to write sometimes. With the burdens of family obligations, daytime jobs, marriage, and church or other activities, it sometimes seems impossible. Here’s a few tips to help you find time to write.

1. Get up an hour early. When you get up early, nobody is awake. This is prime writing time.

2. Stay up an hour late. This is the same principle. After everyone else has gone to bed, you’ll have the time you need. But be careful. Don’t get so lost in the story that you stay up all night. Set a timer if you have to.

3. Spend your lunch hour writing. If your work won’t let you use their computers for personal use, bring a small laptop or word processor to work and write while you’re eating.

4. Assign a certain time every day that you write. Let your family know that this is your “Do Not Disturb” time.

5. Get a maid. No, I’m not kidding. Don’t feel like you have to do it all. Hire a maid or someone to do your laundry. This will give you added time to write. Isn’t it worth the money?

6. Hire a babysitter. You could hire someone to take the kids to the park or to McDonalds Playland a couple of times a week. The kids will love it, and you’ll enjoy the writing time.

7. Stop time wasters. Organize your schedule and see where you are wasting time you could be writing.

8. Turn off the TV. Enough said.

9. Buy a small laptop or word processor to take with you when you go to doctor’s appointments or kids’ soccer practices. You can write during waiting time.

10. Quit playing Facebook Games. Facebook and Twitter are great tools for writers, but don’t let them monopolize your time.

So quit putting it off. Find the time you need to write, and get busy.


14 thoughts on “10 Ways To Find More Time To Write

  1. Doable disciplines, Tamera, which reminds me — I need to get off the computer and get writing! I was able to write a book preface and an article on a Christian view of literature last evening while hubby was studying. Now to type them up…..

  2. Thanks, Tamera! The getting up early thing is hard for me–I’m a night owl–but everything else sounds great… Now, if I could get hubby to agree to #5, and agree to take part in #6 more often…

  3. Great tips all and most I already new. I have a lovely husband so a maid is not necessary. We don’t have kids so I only need the babysister for the husband and the cat (ha). Now, if I wait until the husband goes to bed, I won’t get any sleep.

    The good news is the TV and the computer aren’t in the same room –just very very close. So, there you have it. No excuses.

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