“Life Expectancy” by Dean Koontz

Life Expectancy

by Dean Koontz


With his bestselling blend of nail-biting intensity, daring artistry, and storytelling magic, Dean Koontz returns with an emotional roller coaster of a tale filled with enough twists, turns, shocks, and surprises for ten ordinary novels. Here is the story of five days in the life of an ordinary man born to an extraordinary legacy—a story that will challenge the way you look at good and evil, life and death, and everything in between.

Jimmy Tock comes into the world on the very night his grandfather leaves it. As a violent storm rages outside the hospital, Rudy Tock spends long hours walking the corridors between the expectant fathers’ waiting room and his dying father’s bedside. It’s a strange vigil made all the stranger when, at the very height of the storm’s fury, Josef Tock suddenly sits up in bed and speaks coherently for the first and last time since his stroke.

What he says before he dies is that there will be five dark days in the life of his grandson—five dates whose terrible events Jimmy will have to prepare himself to face. The first is to occur in his twentieth year; the second in his twenty-third year; the third in his twenty-eighth; the fourth in his twenty-ninth; the fifth in his thirtieth.

Rudy is all too ready to discount his father’s last words as a dying man’s delusional rambling. But then he discovers that Josef also predicted the time of his grandson’s birth to the minute, as well as his exact height and weight, and the fact that Jimmy would be born with syndactyly—the unexplained anomaly of fused digits—on his left foot. Suddenly the old man’s predictions take on a chilling significance.

What terrifying events await Jimmy on these five dark days? What nightmares will he face? What challenges must he survive? As the novel unfolds, picking up Jimmy’s story at each of these crisis points, the path he must follow will defy every expectation. And with each crisis he faces, he will move closer to a fate he could never have imagined. For who Jimmy Tock is and what he must accomplish on the five days when his world turns is a mystery as dangerous as it is wondrous—a struggle against an evil so dark and pervasive, only the most extraordinary of human spirits can shine through.

My Review:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

LIFE EXPECTANCY is one of my favorite Dean Koontz novels. I rank it third, right below THE HUSBAND and THE GOOD GUY. Dean Koontz is one of my favorite secular novelists, but I find I enjoy his novels of the last ten years the best. This is one of those novels. Jimmy Tock, a humble baker, knows ahead of time what the five worst days in his life will be. Through faith, a strong family bond, and a great sense of humor, he faces every tragedy thrown at him.


4 thoughts on ““Life Expectancy” by Dean Koontz

  1. ooh. thanks for reviewing this. I love Dean Koontz and I can’t wait to read this one. My favorite character is Odd Thomas and this looks like it is along the same lines.

  2. I’m the opposite with Koontz: I like his older books better than his new ones, with the exception of two of his ODD THOMAS books. The action has slowed to a crawl while what goes on in his characters’ heads has been ramped up.

  3. this novel is outstanding,a so heart-touching novel tht it fells like to read it over nd over again!hats off to dean koontz for writing such a magnificiant nd one on the best books i’ve ever read! lovel nd moreover i am *speechless* to describe this book!

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