Featured Book: The Right To Lead

The Right To Lead

by John Maxwell

Book Description:

John Maxwell offers key principles, stories, and reflections on preparing a leader’s mind and heart to lead both themselves and others.

Leadership is something you learn and earn the right to do. Renowned business writer, motivational speaker, and NY Times bestselling author, John C. Maxwell, shares insight on what it takes to be a leader. The Right to Lead is a character study of outstanding men and women throughout history, focusing on the qualities that are consistent in the lives of these great leaders. Perfect for gift giving for a graduation, Father’s Day, or year-round for business or church leaders.

My Review:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

I’ve read many John Maxwell books. They are informative about the principles of leadership. But after a while, they begin to sound the same. This little 125 page book with beautiful illustrations has a different take on leadership than his other books, and in my opinion, is his best leadership book yet. In this book, he tells stories of great leaders and heroes of the past and shows how they demonstrated the principles of leadership through their actions. This book not only tells the principles of leadership, it shows us what great leadership looks like. I highly recommend it.


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