Guest Blogger Mary Connealy – Kissing Scenes

Today, I asked Mary Connealy who writes romantic comedies with cowboys to talk about writing kissing scenes. She shared a kissing scene from her newest novel Wildflower Bride as an example of a great kiss.

Wildflower Bride Kissing scene

Wade is all the way in on a lifetime with Glowing Sun/Abby. Abby is what you might call conflicted.

Abby is a white woman who’s lived for about ten years with a Flathead Indian tribe who took her in when they found her with her family dead. The whole white world things she’s been ‘rescued’ from the savages. Abby loved her Indian family and credits them with her very survival. Plus she’s picked up their fear and contempt for the ways of white men. Along comes Wade to give her protection, when the truth is that Abby is about five times as tough as Wade and spends most of her time protecting him.

And the trouble begins.

What I like in a kissing scene is a physical pull that overcomes the conflict. They know it’s a bad idea but they are so powerfully drawn to each other that they go ahead and do it. That’s as simple as True Love Conquers All.

So give them a really solid reason NOT to kiss, then have them do it anyway. Then, maybe have them end the kiss, know it was a mistake, swear to never let such an outrageous thing happen again, then do more kissing.

Here’s the first serious kiss between Wade and Glowing Sun in Wildflower Bride.

“Abby, I want to ask you something important.” He barely whispered the words, afraid he’d scare her away like a half-wild mountain creature. “We haven’t known each other long enough, but I want this thought to be in your head.”

“What is this thought?”

“Me. The thought is me. I want to be in your head and in your heart, Abby. Because you are in mine. Could you consider letting me court you? Might the day come when you could see yourself agreeing to spend your life with me?”

“Marry a white? Never!” Her words were cutting but she didn’t back away. No, in fact, his wildflower stepped a bit closer, studying him as if there was a speck of dirt in his eye and she was considering doctoring him.

And maybe she noticed a smudge on his lips, too, because her eyes went there as well.

Wade leaned down and touched his lips to hers.

Abby jumped back, reminding Wade of a startled horse. A beautiful, golden maned. . .he shook his head. The woman was nothing like a horse.

She kept her eyes locked on his and the little jump was only her straightening away from him. In the silence, Wade saw her fascination and fear. He decided to ignore the fear and take ruthless advantage of the fascination. He captured her lips again and this time she wrapped her arms around his neck with the strength of a warrior.

The kiss deepened as Wade’s future unfolded before him with perfect clarity. Abby, the ranch, six sons and three daughters. Maybe they’d live here. He could restore the old Griffin place. He kind of liked the idea of all the children’s names starting with the same letter. Having a name that came at the end of the alphabet, Wade was partial to A. Like Abby. Maybe Adam, Andrew, Alan—

Abby slammed the heel of her hand into Wade’s stomach.

Staggering back, Wade gasped for breath that wouldn’t come. “What’d you do that for?”

“Keep your hands off of me, white man.” She flashed that wicked blade right under his nose.

Okay, so maybe a little early to be actively naming their children.


Mary Connealy is the author of Petticoat Ranch, Calico Canyon, Gingham Mountain, Buffalo Gal, Clueless Cowboy, The Bossy Bridegroom, Alaska Brides containing Golden Days; Of Mice. . .and Murder; Pride and Pestilence; The Miceman Cometh; Montana Rose, book #1 of Montana Marriages series.

Mary, is married to Ivan a farmer, and she is the mother of four beautiful daughters, Joslyn, Wendy, Shelly and Katy. And she’d prove how pretty they are but they won’t allow their pictures on her website,! Mary is a GED Instructor by day and an author by night. And yes, there is always a cape involved in her transformation.

You can find her at these sites.


Petticoats & Pistols

Mary Connealy’s Blog

Mary Connealy’s Website

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5 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Mary Connealy – Kissing Scenes

  1. Hi, Tamera.
    I had such a great time having lunch with you in Ohio.
    And Michelle. What do you think? Maybe the punch in the stomach was a bit much. 🙂 Poor old Wade, he really knows how to pick women.

  2. I enjoyed lunch too, Mary. And I loved the punch in the stomach, especially while he was naming their children, followed by the response that it might be too early for that. Brillantly done.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I’m so excited to read this book, and now after reading this short excerpt, I’m really hoping I can get my hands on a copy soon! 🙂

    Thanks again!


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