Blog Resource – Multi Writer Sites

Here’s some great blogs written by multiple writers.

The Kill Zone: Perspectives From Today Hottest Thriller & Mystery Writers


The Book Doctor


Bustles And Spurs: Inspirational Romance In The Old West


Author Culture


Petticoats & Pistols: Romancing The West


Where The Map Ends: The Home Of Christian Speculative Fiction


A Novel Writing Site




Faith Chicks


The Master’s Artist


12 thoughts on “Blog Resource – Multi Writer Sites

  1. Tamera, beware of anything Mary Connealy advises.

    I’m just sayin’…

    It doesn’t HURT to double check her facts, although I have it on good authority that Julie did spend time with Mary and survived.


    The power of prayer!!!

    Thanks for the shout out for Seekerville. We appreciate it!


  2. Tamera, thanks for mentioning Seekerville! So you’ve met Mary, huh? Don’t believe anything she says. Or Ruthy either, for that matter. The two of them together??? Watch out!!!

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