Resources For Nineteenth Century Historical Research

Here’s a list of Internet resources you can use when researching your historical novel.

Calendars and Timelines:

Calendar For Any Year

19th Century Timeline

Inventions Timeline for the 19th Century

The Food Timeline

A Timeline of 19th Century America

Historical Resource Sites:

Oden’s Castle

19th Century America – Maps, Timelines, & Documents

Bustles And Spurs


A 19th Century Slang Dictionary

How To Speak 19th Century

Western Slang and Phrases

Old West Legends – Slang


Old and Interesting


Railroad Maps

Stagecoach Travel

How Fast Could They Travel?

Horse, Saddles, & Guns:

Saddles & Tacks

Gun Information Society

Horse Sense

Real Guns


20,000 + Names From Around the World

Popular Given Names (1800-1999)

Victorian Era Names


19th Century Fashion

19th Century Wardrobe

19th Century Victorian Clothing

Fashion Era

Gentleman’s Emporium

This list is not exhaustive by any means, but hopefully it will give you a good start in your research. If you have any resources you’d like to add to the list, please leave a comment and share.


3 thoughts on “Resources For Nineteenth Century Historical Research

  1. Bookmarking your site, Tamera. My current WIP is set in the 70’s – the 1970’s, but I do have several historical in the works on and off.

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