“In Case of Armageddon, Break Glass” by Jason DeVelvis

In Case of Armageddon, Break Glass

The pocket guide for life, even before the end of days

By Jason DeVelvis


Book Description:

A Different Look at “The End of Days…”

Revelation is not an easy book to sit down and read. It’s not written like the Gospels, or Isaiah, or really any other book of the Bible. And that’s where most people get thrown off. It’s the explanation fo a dream-like vision that John had while he was praying.

When was the last time you tried to explain what happened in a dream, and people didn’t look at you with blank stares? The problem is that dreams aren’t literal, they’re figurative; they make heavy use of symbols that really stand for other things.

But the first thought on many people’s minds when they think about Revelation is still “Where is the timeline? The ‘doomsday’ date? The ‘antichrist’? The really cool story about how things will go down?

My answer is this: It doesn’t matter.

This book dives into Revelation with a completely different look at “The End of Days” and shows you what it all means to us, right now, in our lives.

My Review:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

If you’re looking for a book about the end times, this is not the book to read. But if you’re looking for a great discipleship book that’s easy to read and simple, then you’ll find this is just the right book. It extracts nuggets we can learn from the Book of Revelation to apply to our lives today to become better disciples of Christ. It’s not heavy in theology or doctrine. For this reason, I would recommend it to Christians who are fairly new in their faith or to young teenagers. One thing I do disagree with in the book is that eschatology doesn’t really matter. I believe it does. But the discipleship principles outlined in this book matter more to us in today’s world.

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About Tamera Kraft

Tamera Kraft has been a children’s pastor for over 20 years. She is the leader of a ministry called Revival Fire For Kids where she mentors other children’s leaders, teaches workshops, and is a children’s ministry consultant and children’s evangelist. She is also a writer and has curriculum published including Kid Konnection 5: Kids Entering the Presence of God published by Pathway Press. She is a recipient of the 2007 National Children’s Leaders Association Shepherd’s Cup for lifetime achievement in children’s ministry.

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