Your Internet Presence

Your Internet presence is very important when it comes to getting published. One of the first things an agent or publisher might do if he’s interested in your manuscript is to google you. You may not even realize what you think is a private conversation online might be out there for all to see. Here are some tips when it comes to maintaining a good Internet presence.

Don’t ever bash publishers, agents, or best-selling authors online. You may never know who’s viewing your conversation.

Search your name on Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search engines. Even if your careful, you might find something embarrassing under your name because someone else is using the same name.

Use Google Alerts. Google Alerts you about when your name comes up on the Internet. You’ll receive an email everyday.

Be Careful. Innocent things can trip you up.

A friend of mine blogged about her journey in getting published. She received word an agent was interested and wrote about her excitement and misgivings because this agent was new, someone she hadn’t heard of. The agent turned out to be reputable but was no longer interested in representing her after reading her blog.

I am the director of a children’s ministry with a huge online presence. One day I googled the ministry name and found a conversation I had on a writing site was number three. That conversation was about sexual content in fiction. Although I didn’t say anything I was ashamed of, I didn’t want my ministry name to be connected with sex. This happened because I had a link to my ministry in my signature line. I removed the link.

These two horror stories show you just how important it is to maintain your Internet presence. No matter how careful you are, little things can trip you up.


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