Ministering Through The Internet

Today I’m interviewing Lynn Mosher. Lynn is an awesome lady I’ve met on She shows the love of Christ in everything she does, and in recent years, she has ministered that love through the Internet.

Lynn, tell us a little about yourself.

Hmmm! Well, let’s see… 

* I have one husband, three grown children, ages 33, 36, and 40, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law, the hopes of another daughter-in-law, and three granddaughters.

* At the age of twelve, I met Billy Graham when my parents and grandparents had a large reception for him when he came to town for a crusade. As I looked into his eyes, I thought I’d met Jesus! I considered this a great honor as I walked the aisle to salvation at his crusade in New York City the year before.

* My parents and grandparents bought a farm for which Bing Crosby had also bid. My parents and I lived there twice with my grandparents.

* I’ve sung in the church choir (although why, I don’t know!), taught children’s Sunday School and adult Bible studies (under much stress/I’m not a teacher), been a Decision Guide (guiding those making a decision for Christ) at our present church, played a little piano, painted a little, love doing arts/crafts, especially with my eight year old granddaughter.

* I love to cook, when my fibromyalgia lets me. I make a mean loaf of Dilly Bread and yummy spaghetti sauce!

* I’m left-handed but ambidextrous, only writing, eating, and occasionally using a knife with my left hand.

* I love chocolate and Brussels sprouts! But hopefully, never together!

* I am an introvert, shy and private. If you know anything about personalities, I am a melancholy/phlegmatic combo. And I really shrink at doing interviews because I think I’m very boring!

What are the social networks and internet groups you belong to?Oh, boy! I don’t think there’s enough room to list them all! There’s the usual Twitter, Facebook, ShoutLife, and my favorite writing community, I joined so many other groups that I had to start a file to keep track of them. I don’t get to visit them that often but I love connecting with people, especially online since I don’t get out of the house very often.

When you started ministering on the internet, did you set out to do it, or did it evolve?When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2000, the Lord whispered to me to write for Him. I had no idea where that would take me or even how to get there. I knew nothing of writing. I only wrote a little bad poetry and that was it. As I obeyed the Lord, I learned about the process of writing and all the necessary elements that go with it, and I found that writers need an online presence. So, when I started my blog, it all mushroomed from there.

How do you use your blog to minister?

My writing is probably 98% of the spiritual/inspirational/devotional genre. I write to minister to God’s people. That is what He has called me to do. Hopefully, I write articles that uplift, encourage, and comfort others, for that is the passion He has placed in my heart.

Do you use your blog to develop your social connections? How?

Oh, yes! My blog has opened doors to some very special people, which has led me to connect with some of them in other venues, like Twitter, Facebook, ShoutLife, and others.

What ways do you use Twitter, Facebook,, etc. to minister?

Everyone suffers hardships at one time or another and, whether or not they talk about it, they hurt. They need to know they are loved and worthy. Therefore, I always strive to be positive and uplifting, to be caring. If I do not show the love and compassion of Christ, I am worthless.

In the mornings, when I sign on to Twitter, I always post a positive greeting or blessing for the day. I always ask the Lord what scripture someone needs for the day and then post it. I have received many comments from those saying they needed that particular scripture just at that time. I also post a link to my current blog post or one of my monthly columns that I write for two other sites, which feeds over to Facebook. 

I love to help spread the word for ministries, especially those that are small and need some exposure. I started a monthly highlight on my blog just for this reason and tweet about them on Twitter, which also feeds over to Facebook.

I try to keep in touch (if fibro-fog doesn’t make me forget!) with those who are having difficulties, even if it is merely saying, “Hey, I’ve missed you!”

Prayer is a large part of all this, especially on I try to always leave a comment for a prayer request. Those asking for prayer need to know that others care.

Do you have a story to tell us about how God used you in a special way to minister to an internet friend?Oh, I’ve had numerous occasions of God’s leading me to minister to others. This is very difficult for me to talk about because I don’t like the emphasis to be on me. However, my words have helped several precious, suffering souls. One, for instance, who was adopted (but has had great legal difficulties with it) and abused as a child, and another, who, because of so much abuse, including sexual abuse that started at age three, had multiple personalities (over 200).

Our words are so very important. It is imperative that we speak positively to others. We never know what heartache they are experiencing.

There have been several other things that the Lord has allowed me to do for others, but, as Matthew 6:3 (TLB) says, “But when you do a kindness to someone, do it secretly.”

Tell us about the friendships you’ve developed on the internet?I have met nurses, pastors, missionaries, writers, agents, celebrities, owners of social sites, stay-at-home moms and older women, invalids, those with fibromyalgia or other conditions/illnesses, those who have lost children, many who have suffered sexual abuse as children, those who work tirelessly for children who have been abducted and forced in some area of trafficking. I’ve even been able to meet one friend in person. I stand amazed at those the Lord brings into my life.

There is one special, young lady who has had two brain surgeries (which have removed parts of her brain) and is about to have a third to remove more of her brain in hopes of helping with the physical maladies she suffers. She is a true testament of faith and trust in the Lord.

I am so in awe of all these people. Each person that I have met in cyberspace has left a tiny part of herself/himself within me and made me a better person and I am so grateful to know each one.

How do you see God using you in the future?LOL! That’s up to God! I just make myself available to touch a life wherever the Lord leads me.

What advice do you have for those who desire to use social networking as a ministry tool?

If one’s desire is to be Christ-like, to reach out to help others who may be otherwise unreachable or who may be hurting, I heartily recommend social networking.


12 thoughts on “Ministering Through The Internet

  1. WONDERFUL interview of a WONDERFUL lady! I loved learning all these little known facts, including the 3 B’s (Bing, Billy, and Brussels sprouts.) And, Lynn, I’m willing to dip a sprout in chocolate if you will. One good thing plus one good thing has to be doubly good!

    Thanks, Tamera. What a treasure Lynn is!

  2. LOL! Sandy, I’ll let you try and you can tell me what it tastes like! I think that’s one thing I won’t try, no matter how much chocolate is on it! Thank you for your kind words, sweetie! I appreciate it.

    Tamera, thank you so much for the interview. It really boggles my mind that anyone would want to interview me. You are a blessing and have blessed me.

  3. Tamera you did a great job of bringing Lynn’s personality out in the interview. It was nice to learn about more about Lynn. Brussel sprouts are great when they are pan fried in butter. Maybe they’re okay with dark chocolate.

  4. Tamera and Lynn, I think you both did a great job. It’s not easy to expose yourself on the Internet. It’s hard to be open and humble at the same time. It’s hard to make a personal offer to help people, not knowing what you’ll get back in return. As long as God is in control (and He is and will be!), we’re alright though… don’t you think? Thanks for your amazing work!

  5. Good interview. It gives us good insight into Lynn’s personality and background. We know why she is nice, uplifting, and helpful. I’m surprised by the shyness. I’m clueless on the Brussel Sprouts.

  6. You’re so right, Cinda! I’m a fairly private person and interviews are scary for me but I push myself! And yes, God is DEFINITELY in control! Thanks so much for your comment!

  7. Hey, Kyle! I was terribly shy and, over the years, being married to a sanguine husband, I’ve come out of my shell a little. It’s a lot easier online than in person…for some reason! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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