Fiction Proposal Marketing Page

The marketing page includes market analysis, similar books, and what you, the author intend to do to market your book.

Market Analysis:

This is the section where you tell the demographics, target audience, of who would be interested in your book. Include age, gender, interests, religion, or anything else you think might narrow it down. Don’t write that everyone would like this book. You want to narrow your niche.

Similar Books:

This is usually the hardest part to do. You aren’t looking for books that are the same as yours. List novels that have some similarities. For instance, if you’re writing a romance about the Revolutionary era, list other romances from that era. Don’t be afraid to list movies or crossovers. For one novel I said it is Redeeming Love meets Outlaw Josie Wells. This is that important to get exactly right. You’re just giving the agent or publisher an idea of what kind of people this story will attract.


This is where you list what you, the author, is willing to do to market your novel. Here’s some ideas of what you could list here.

  • Local Book Signings
  • Presentation at library
  • Museum Presentation
  • Speak at Churches
  • Social Networking
  • Blogs and Websites
  • Blog Tours
  • Influencers

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