Fiction Proposal Biographical Page

The biographical page consists of two parts. Part one is the biographical sketch, and part two is past publications. 

Biographical Sketch:

Don’t put too much effort in this section. You don’t want to write a complete biography about how you wanted to write since you were in third grade. The main thing you want here is the following:


Location: This is important information if you live near the setting of your novel. Otherwise you’ll want to write something like “I live in Akron, Ohio.”

Family: married, number of children. You can mention this, but don’t dwell on it unless you’re related to Jerry Jenkins.

Education: Only have this if you have training of education in something that relates to writing such as an English degree or you’ve taken a writing course. If the story touches on something where your education helps, go ahead and put that. For instance, if you’re writing about a police officer and you’ve taken law enforcement training, that would be applicable. Also if you’ve had nurses training and are writing about hospital life, put that down.

Career: Only list this if it’s applicable.

Writing Groups: If you belong to any writing groups, list these.

Websites/Blogs: List any websites or blogs you have.

Past Publications:

If you’ve been published at all, include this section. Otherwise leave it out. Also leave out any self-published or vanity published books or novels unless they’ve sold over 10,000 copies. POD and e-books can be listed if you didn’t have to pay to have them published. You’ll want to include name of publication, date, and publishing company.


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