Computer Tips For Organizing Your Writing

Here are some ideas for organinizing your writing on your computer.

MS OneNote: OneNote is one of the best tools for organizing your writing. If you have MS Office 2007, you probably already have it on your computer. If not, you can buy it and download it here. Here’s a link that will tell you all the ways you can use OneNote to organize your writing, research, outlines, character sketches, and submissions. This program is a must have for writers.

Folders: Every computer comes with the ability to make folders and subfolders under your documents file. Just right click on your documents folder and click new folder. Then drag the appropriate documents to that folder. You can get as general or specific as you want with these folders, but always have a separate folder for each project. Here’s an example of folders you can use to organize your documents:

My Documents








Short Stories


Series 1

Novel 1 (Here you should save a copy of each draft of your novel along with each chapter or scene in a separate document.)

Preplanning (Here’s where you put outlines, character sketches, research, etc.)

Submissions (Here you can lists of agents and publishers, proposals, query letters, and synopsis.)

Novel 2


Calendar and Contact Program: If you’re still using your Google or Yahoo account to organize your email, you’re not taking full advantage of all a program like Outlook (There are other programs that work as well, but I’m most familiar with Outlook) has to offer. You can have your email go directly to Outlook. You can have separate folders for mail relating to your writing projects.

When you submit a project to a publisher, save the email under your project folder. Categorize it with a color: yellow for submission, green for additional submissions, red for rejection. Then place a follow-up flag on it to alert you when you should have heard something back. That way, you don’t have to fool with spreadsheets and tables to track you submissions.

Also Outlook has a feature where you can customize your signature with taglines and blog addresses. You can add more than one signature and have them specifically for personal email, email to writing contacts, and email to publishers or agents.


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